The Laziest Diet... EVER!

Oct 21, 2008

Flipping for Flip-Flops

I really don't think I can live in a country where there are four seasons (although I do love visiting them) I love the tropics too much. So much that I bought 7 pairs of flip flops. Although I do own some Havaianas, these Old Navy flip-flops were too hard to ignore. A pair at only $2.50! A group of us at my office pooled our wish lists and decided to have all our goodies shipped together. Soon, I will have 7 candy colored flip flops. Perfect for my bikinis and sun dresses!

Oct 14, 2008

No News is...

Good news.

Sorry I have been in absencia lately! I'm ok, I'm alive, just sorting stuff out and being busy in my day job. Will update one of these days! Mahalo, Obrigado!

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