The Laziest Diet... EVER!

Aug 22, 2009

Pat's Luau Potato Salad

This dish is simply perfect for hot summer days!

I always joke that it was this recipe that made me accept my husband's proposal. He visited our family one Christmas and then volunteered to make potato salad for Christmas Dinner. It has been a staple in all family reunions ever since.

I'm not a big fan of too many ingredients in potato salad, like carrots, peas or pineapples, so that's why for me, it is the best potato salad I have ever tasted. Even friends love this dish! I call it the Heavenly Potato Salad, but being his usual humble self, Pat decided to simply call it Luau Potato Salad.

Introducing, episode 1 of Easy Hawaiian Cooking, produced and directed by... me! Starring, Pat the hubby!

To all my media pro friends, I do know what needs to improve (haha), so just enjoy the recipe... and the wonderful capabilities of Canon 500D and its lenses! You'll definitely get a better episode 2 soon!

And if you get to lazy to make this (it does take a lot of time!) and if you are in the Singapore area, you may just get to order your own Luau Potato Salad. Watch this space!

Aug 17, 2009


There's something irresitably calming about the bossa nova. I distinctly remember how I was in my childhood, secretly dancing to the music in our corridor when my parents had their cocktail parties and they played the music all evening long. When it was time to turn the record to it's Side B, I'd gladly go downstairs and play DJ and willingly do it for my parents!

So when I found out Bossacucanova was visiting the Singapore shores to play their music, I got really excited! They're coming to our shores on the 9th of September! Yay!

Sit back, reax, and simply press play.

Just like how I adore Pizzicato Five, I like Bossacucanova for their vintage feel. I love revisiting the glamorous sixties, be it in music, furniture, or even fashion! It somehow feels a little more organic.

Click on their Facebook page to RSVP!

Aug 16, 2009

A Bikini..

is like a barbed-wire fence. It protects the property without obstructing the view.”
- Joey Adams (comedian).

I love this saying! It's true!

Aug 11, 2009

Days of Summer

Last August 7, I had the chance to marvel at some great art by Filipino Artist, Marcel Antonio. Thanks to Galerie Joaquin Singapore, I was able to absorb and appreciate the introspective mind of this artist.

My personal favorite was Days of Summer.

Ok, ok, maybe I am partial because it was set again... in summer!

Days of Summer 4ft X 5ft Oil on Canvas
This artwork depicts an idyllic scene in a part in a metropolis. The challenge in this painting is that here, the artist bravely paints a picture that daringly dares to be half empty. In most of his works, the artist himself admits that he usually ends up filling all the spaces with symbolisms and figures until the entire space on the canvas is full. This one dares to be different. It challenges concepts of composition and succeeds precisely because of the large quiet space in the middle emphasizing the mood and the concept of a lazy summer day. Again, the artist feels this is a major collectible piece.

When I'd go to exhibits before, I would pressure myself to get this deep message from the painting, thinking that there is only one interpretation. The interpretation of the artist. I told that to a curator and he wondered why I had to make things difficult. Just let it be. No need to get a message, or find the underlying meaning. Just appreciate it. That's right.

There are about 10 works of art in the exhibit, all intriguing and breathtaking. Even if Days of Summer is my fave, I was most intriqued with Green Park Days 1,2,3. Check it out and you will know what I mean!

The exhibit, entitled Tales of Tales Beyond the Surface, A one-man show by Marcel Antonio, will run till August 24 in Galerie Joaquin at the Regent Singapore, 1 Cuscaden Road Ground Floor Unit 3. For more information on this artist and this exhibit, contact Mia Y. Marchadesch at (65)90057410.

Aug 3, 2009

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Check out a behind-the-scenes video I cut for Cebu Pacific's Smile Magazine. Before I ever designed bikinis, my first love was editing. It still is. And when I am given enticing footage of sun, sea, sand and surf, it's so easy to cut and play with it. To immerse in the beauty of Pagudpud and feel the energy of the eternal summer, click play on the image below.

Wouldn't you just love to fly and bask in the sun in this place? I haven't been there, but the famous margaritas are sure making a name for itself! I'd love one right now!

Aug 1, 2009

Mello Yellow

I'm in another Etsy Treasury again! I am so honored! Thanks to the Aunt Bucky! Click on Mello Yellow to check out all the mellow and yellow etsy goodies! I am so happy my Malia Sunshine Bikini Top made it to that treasury! Check out the screen cap!

Aunt Bucky is a lovely store that creates and sells gorgeous baby beddings, apparel and decor. If they didn't put me in her treasury, I wouldn't have ever seen their store! I say "they" because Aunt Bucky is a partnership between 2 sisters, Rebecca & Whitney Wyatt. And as kismet would have it, in their collection, they have beddings called The Pinky Panda set, and the Pinky Pillow! Love it! Check out Aunt Bucky's etsy store!

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