The Laziest Diet... EVER!

Dec 30, 2008

New Years Pressurelutions

It's the time of the year when everyone comes up with lists.

Me- I never did. I have this love-hate relationship with lists. Sometimes I am just scared to know that I did not accomplish anything on the list. May it be a simple grocery shopping list, or a goal list. I guess it's the generic fear of rejection/ failing. I was always pressured! Will I get to tick the box that I did it or not? Argh!

This year- I will make one. Should I get anything on it done or not, I shouldn't really be scared of it at all. It won't bite! I will get rid of that fear once and for all

Today, I will make my list! My 2009 Resolutions! Happy New Year everyone!

Dec 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The day is almost over but, Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 20, 2008

Dream House

I am delaying my packing for tonight's trip and decided to look at houses for sale. I saw this. I think I'm in love. Universe, are you listening? I think I want to stay here for the rest of my life. Forget the coffee farm. I would love to live here.

Update: I am uploading other photos.

A superb grill for barbecues with family and friends.

A lanai. I love the ceiling fan! I would change the seating set though.

The family room. Spacious and bright!

And the garden. What a lovely corner :)

I want!

Dec 14, 2008

Hellolulu Laptop Bag

I've been lugging two bags to work everyday for the past three months. My everyday bag, and a laptop bag. I thought it was ok to carry 2 bags when a friend nonchalantly called me "Auntie" since I was carrying my laptop bag oh so ungracefully. It was my awakening.

Today, intending to be a day of Christmas shopping, Pat finally decided to buy me that one laptop bag to end all laptop bags. I really didn't think there would be one. I always thought I would be resigned to my now laptop bag (which was actually a simple white tote), or my very childlike (and childish) Doraemon computer bag. Then I saw this:

A nylon laptop bag from Hellolulu! It looks like your everyday tote (I love totes!), but then the beauty of this was the inside. Check it out!

A compartment PERFECT for my 13 in black MacBook! With foam and all! Other compartments were also perfect for make-up, keys, pens, mobile phone, and wallet! Now I really don't need a second bag!

I just wish they had different colors so I can change it according to my outfit! I was crushing on a $700-on-sale Gucci bag, but I must say- this beats it. I wouldn't be able to put my laptop in that Gucci bag. And it only cost S$89 at the Wheelock Apple store.

Dec 12, 2008

Weight Problems

Not THAT kind, okay! I know, I know, I've been busy with other things- that I have neglected to blog lately. And in less than 2 weeks, we again, are jetting back to Manila for our yearly Christmas Holiday. Yay! It's been 3 years since I last saw big sister Mica and her family! Can't wait to celebrate the holidays this year with the entire family... well almost that is (one sis won't be there...)

And since we're going home via the budget route again (Cebu Pacific to be exact), charming the ground staff or having a sob story will not get you any upgrades to business class, or getting your overweight luggage fee waived (since it worked with Pat and I almost all the time when we ride Singapore Airlines or Northwest!). Now, every extra kilo will be charged.

The solution? No- not your usual bathroom scale. I hate having to balance the luggage on the scale when most of the time the luggage tips over anyway. I found this hassle free gadget.

Balanzza has a 100-pound capacity and secures to your luggage with a strap rather than using a hook which can damage your belongings. Automatic hold feature allows you to weigh your bag, then set it down again before checking the weight. Balanzza's digital display is large and easy to read.

Best of all- you don't have to struggle lugging your suitcase on the bathroom scale- better yet, you'll avoid those embarrassing repacking sessions right at the check-in counter!

Nov 8, 2008

Keep Calm

I've been preoccupied lately with things other than my bikinis! So to remind me to calm down and take a breather, I was inspired to hang this in our living room. My version of the famous "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster.

The history of this poster goes as far back as 1939- right when World War 2 was about to begin! With war against Germany looming, the British Government had a series of propaganda posters circulated all over the country. The purpose of the poster was to convey a message from the King to the people that 'all necessary measures to defend the nation were being taken', and to stress an 'attitude of mind' rather than a specific aim.

Oct 21, 2008

Flipping for Flip-Flops

I really don't think I can live in a country where there are four seasons (although I do love visiting them) I love the tropics too much. So much that I bought 7 pairs of flip flops. Although I do own some Havaianas, these Old Navy flip-flops were too hard to ignore. A pair at only $2.50! A group of us at my office pooled our wish lists and decided to have all our goodies shipped together. Soon, I will have 7 candy colored flip flops. Perfect for my bikinis and sun dresses!

Oct 14, 2008

No News is...

Good news.

Sorry I have been in absencia lately! I'm ok, I'm alive, just sorting stuff out and being busy in my day job. Will update one of these days! Mahalo, Obrigado!

Sep 19, 2008

Dream Come True!

So I was on my way back from work, tired and spent, when my sister Maya told me that she saw a poster in Clark Quay that The Brand New Heavies will be performing at 9pm. The Brand New Heavies. Just my favorite band. The band whose funky acid jazz music made me buy most of their CDs since 1992. The band I listened to driving to work, on road trips, while running, while editing, making candles etc... Their CDs were one of the first I imported to iTunes and my iPod. And when termites ravaged my whole Heavies CD collection (that whole incident deserves another post another time), I cried. The same band that I said "After I hear them live, I can go ahead and die" (So here I am God, taking back that last statement of mine). There is not one week I don't listen to them. I know most of their music to heart.

Anyway when I heard that they were in town, and about 15 minutes away from home, I knew I just HAD to go. Since my regular date was out of town (that means Pat the hubby- after all I did tell him about BNH and introduce him to my type of music during courtship), I met up with my sister instead to watch the gig. I really think it was a pity how poorly advertised this event was (or I don't know, maybe I live under a rock). I also didn't like how the stage was actually sunken- they performed on the river while everyone was watching from the bars on the riverside.

Anyway, we got to Asylum, since it sort of had a good vantage point of the stage. After consuming some quesadillas, caiprinhas and a Coke Light while 2 other bands played, I was ready to do some grooving!

And then it was time! Whoohoow! Seeing Jan Kincaid (drummer and songwriter), N'dea Davenport (the lead singer), Simon Barthlomew (the lead guitarist), and Andrew Levy (the bombest bass!) was surreal! They played a medley of their instrumentals in the beginning. Then next, N'dea sang "Never Stop", their first song I fell in love with. Somehow I wished she had sang it how it was on record, but hey- I still danced in my chair. And she must have been tired of the original way she sang it so still, it was cool!

The trooper in me had come out and I had to let my sis Maya wait at Asylum while I found my way to the VIP area. True enough, with enough negotiations ( e.g. I've been listening to them for 16 years so I do believe I need to be right there in front of them) with security (and thanks to a nameless guy with a gray hat from production), I got myself right in front of the band I had danced to for almost 2 decades! It was hard to shoot and dance and sing at the same time, but hey, for a few minutes, somehow I did! How I wish they performed more (or I don't know, I could have left too early and they had another set after), but I did manage to take a photo with Simon Bartholomew. I really wanted to have one with the whole band, but I swear security was such a pain.

Here is a video I took with my Canon Ixus 80IS. I just shot the ending of Dream Come True. How apt of a title. It was my dream come true to see them live! And thanks Simon for doing a little interaction (you see it on about 35 seconds through the video)!

And here is the ambush photo op I had with Simon B. Thanks to the stranger who was willing enough to take my picture. I really don't know why Simon posed that way but still, thanks! Now he looks like the fan! I wish I had a photo with the entire band :(

They performed most of the tunes I wanted to hear, and now I am ready to replenish my entire CD collection again. I think their sound totally deserves real, tangible CDs.

The Brand New Heavies- you are so totally the BOMB! I can't wait to watch you live again!

Sep 15, 2008

Blush Sneakers

Never in my life did I think that I was going to wear Converse. Ever. Not even back in the 80's. This time around though, I thought a pair of blush pink sneakers would look great with a pair of jeans and a white tee. Am I glad I don't wear suits to work. And I think my Samsung phone camera isn't bad at all!

Sep 11, 2008

The iPod Boombox

For anyone who grew up in the 80's, the "it" piece cool of technology then was the boombox. I remember how I'd lug one to school- freshly bought from Tokyo by my Dad. It was so hi-tech then, since it had the tape-to-tape capability! Mix tapes could be duplicated! And I did my first mixing and ripping of music with our boombox at the tender age of 12. The band? Spandau Ballet!

Then a few days ago, I saw this wonderful product in Domino magazine. The iPod Boombox from Urban Outfitters. A great marriage of the old and the new for only $220.

Check out the write up from the Urban Outfitters website:

Sometimes bigger really is better. And when it comes to rocking the block with the hottest new banger, this iPod Boom Box is the biggest and the best! Retro good looks combine with serious hi-fi technology to provide an unmatched all-in-one portable sound system. Built-in iPod dock with spring-loaded door; included dock adaptor for use with Nano, Mini and previous generation iPods; docked iPods are charged and controlled via push button controls at the front; inputs at the front support USB flash drive and SD/MMC cards for mp3 playback; AV output at the back for TV or monitor connectivity when using video iPods; Good Reception tuner function (AM/FM/RBDS); 20 FM preset stations and 20 AM preset stations; Radio Broadcast Data System display for song info, when applicable; alarm and sleep function; accurate real time clock display; separate bass and treble controls; powerful 12W speakers; push button EQ adjustment; volume level indicator; AUX input; headphone jack; microphone input and volume/echo adjustment for karaoke; full function remote control; uses AC power or batteries; iPod not included. Imported. Keep dry.
* Included: Boom box, iPod dock adaptor; power cable; remote control
* Optional equipment: 10 D batteries, not included; iPod, iPod mini or iPod Nano, not included
* 25.5"w, 14.5"h, 6.5"d
* Plastic, electronics
* Shipping charge: $15

How cute is that? Definitely a conversation piece! It can give your beach trip or afternoon barbecue that summer, fun, 80's feel. Just have your 80's playlist going and your little shindig will get big reviews!

Sep 8, 2008

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

I have about 5 versions of Corcovado in my iPod Classic. Sarah Vaughn, Ana Caram, Frank Sinatra, Everything But the Girl and Lisa Ono. I think it's one of the songs in my all time Top 25 list. I also think it's a great summer beach tune you can sip a Caipirinha or Margarita with. Then just about 5 minutes ago, I checked out my youtube subscriptions and saw musician Paul Sonnenberg's version. I subscribed to his videos sometime last year since I liked his take on Bossa Nova. I like his version, so I'm posting it here for my few readers to chill too.

I kind of like the 8mm film style. Makes it feel more vintage.

Sep 3, 2008


Last week, I was on a framing frenzy. I grabbed all the picture frames we had, laid them on the floor, and just like a child playing with a new puzzle, I was sliding each frame from one side to the other. Left to right. Down to up. Do the colors match? Can they stay beside each other? Should the sides be aligned? I was shifting frames, hoping they fit, just like a game of tetris, when I decided to give up. Pat just suggested that we should just go wild. We started with one frame on the wall. Then randomly put one next to it, then another, then another. Next thing we knew, we had a stair-like shape. I like it! The frames were still empty, so we just fit in pictures after the fact. Some wedding, vacation, a Peggy Hopper print I got in the Aloha Staidum flea market, baby pictures. It was a mix we both were happy with. Maybe we're done with this wall. Maybe not. Who knows! Except for a few crooked frames, I'm happy :) Promise to take it again when it's straight.

Aug 31, 2008

The New Domino

I haven't grabbed the latest yet, but I can't wait! I will have to buy it! I love looking and poring over such beautiful homes and office spaces! The theme is A Color Revolution! I am specially more partial to the Morocco theme. So exotic!

Check out the preview here!

Aug 25, 2008

Club Monaco is Coming to Town!

Back in the early 90's, I spent a sunny Californian summer studying film in USC, interning in Universal Studios, and playing production office assistant for an indie movie. In between shooting, editing, making coffee, and photocopying scripts, I spent a lot of time sun tanning in Santa Monica beach, and shopping in 3rd Street Promenade. My fave store then was Club Monaco! I loved their casual clothes. I used to go there all the time and spend the food money my Dad gave me for shopping! My favorite piece of summer clothing from there- a pair of denim shorts.

Then just this afternoon, while walking in Ngee Ann City on my way to the bookstore, I saw the sign!

A rush of memories came over me. I remembered just staying in the store for hours on end looking through their clothes! I hope I get the same shopping experience when it opens!

Aug 20, 2008

Capiccinini Floor Lamp

I love Ikea. And I love the prices there more! However, some Ikea furniture can be so cheap that a minor home mishap can render the piece of furniture useless. Well, almost useless.

A few weeks ago, when a strong gust of wind went through the house (I love opening all the windows!), our famous Ikea Skylar floor lamp (which I think every house in Singapore has) toppled over and the lamp shade ripped. I was thinking of going all Martha Stewart and buying craft paper and totally creating a new lamp shade, when I realized I had something much better! And easier.

Last year, on one of my regular trips to the Philippines, I bought a Capiz shell lantern hoping that Pat can help me make it into a mini chandeleir...

Obviously that didn't happen. It was kept in storage for a year!

Then thanks to the wind- the torn lampshade, and my hoarding tendencies, I gave birth to my very own Capiccinini Lamp. I'm naming it Capiccinini from Capiz and Piccinini. Capiz, obviously Capiz shells, and Piccinini, the Italian female volleyball player in this years Olympics. I watched the game of US vs Italy last night and the announcer just kept saying her name so it stuck!

Here is the picture of the buss up lamp shade:

How I wish I had a photo of the old Skylar.

Anyway, here is my creation. Capiccinini!

Yes you see that lone bulb naked and sticking out. Haha. I'll work on that :) I'm in the Domino mood!

Aug 18, 2008

How to Knit a Wild Bikini

I love browsing in bookstores even if I sometimes leave empty handed. Today, I found this:

How to Knit a Wild Bikini by Christie Ridgway. Maybe I should give Christie a Verão creation! I was so tempted to buy it, but I have this rule not to get any books until I finish all the books on my night stand. Maybe in a week! I read a few of the reviews on Amazon and well, I think it looks ok enough to be a light read.

Here's one of the reviews:

By H. Grove "owling6683" (Maryland, USA)

Nikki is a chef whose days in the restaurant business are numbered---her bum knee makes it impossible for her to endure the grueling hours on her feet any longer. She lands an opportunity with Jay Buchanan, wealthy playboy. The problem is, he's sworn off women and wants a lesbian personal chef to make sure he won't be tempted to stray from that resolution. Nikki is about to lose her one and only job nibble when, in order to make the neighbor think that he has a new girlfriend, Jay kisses her. She uses the opportunity to introduce herself as his chef and, once the neighbor's gone, to pretend to be the lesbian he was hoping to hire.

I gather there will be follow-on books in the 'Malibu & Ewe' series (that's the name of a central yarn shop), and some of the relationships in this book were used as set-up for later books rather than pay-off in this one. Unfortunately this resulted in some relationships feeling hurried and shallow; there was too much to fit into this one volume.

That said, Christie Ridgway has a knack for uproarious (often scandalous) dialogue and pours plenty of it into How to Knit a Wild Bikini. As Nikki pretends to be a lesbian and Jay pretends to believe her, they have some of the best and most fun lines in the book.

While the side plots did a good job of working certain parallels and complicating the main plot, there were too many side plots and a few too many convenient coincidences. It gave things a rushed and orchestrated feel. Ordinarily that would have bothered me more, but the hilarious dialogue, fun chemistry between the main characters, and so on made up for it. I heartily enjoyed the story, and couldn't put it down once I started!

I'm just curious on how much the author actually talks about knitting a bikini...

Aug 16, 2008

Geri Halliwell, the Best Bikini Body!

Hands down. In my books, Geri Halliwell has the best bikini body. What I could remember about her as Ginger Spice in the 90's was that she was chunkier than the rest of the group (and Baby Spice well- still had baby fat).

When she left the group and started going on her own, I noticed she was beginning to trim down. Then when her video Mi Chico Latino was released, I knew then that she had to be my bikini body idol.

Ever since then, she was my thinspiration when it came to firming up for the summer. Well, I did use Kylie Minogue also as my inspiration one time, but then I realized it was better to visualize someone who has somewhat the same kind of body type as you.

I've seen a few photos of Geri again recently. Ok, so I googled her and I've seen really great paparazzi pics of her.

I am so willing to give Geri any of my Verao bikini's. If you're reading this Geri, please do contact moi! LOL! I hope the paparazzi can take a great picture of you in any of my creations!

Aug 9, 2008

Viva, Brasil!

It's a rainy day here in Singapore, but it feels so summer watching the amazing duo of Talita and Renata at the Beijing Olympics!! Pat is laughing at me actually cheering for them in our living room (after all, the only Olympic sports I usually watched are swimming, gymnastics, and synchronized swimming). I think it was cool that I actually met Talita and talked to her!

The tie breaking set is playing now. Go Talita and Renata!

Inspired by their team uniform, I am mixing this Malia set:

The Malia Leaf Bikini top:

and the Malia Sunshine Bikini bottom:

Of course the Malia Sunshine bottom matched with the leaf belt :)

And Yay! They made it to the next level!!

P.S. The top photo of Talita was taken by Pat at last years FIVB here in Sentosa.

Aug 4, 2008

Hawaii in Manila

Two weeks ago, Pat and I jetted back to my home in Manila to visit family and get some business going. It was great hanging out with Mommy again! And it was even better timing that my sister Rissa was going to have a party to celebrate her birthday on the weekend!

One breakfast morning, Rissa and her hubby Jimmy, were discussing the possible themes (like 4 days before the party!) And whaddya know- in between my first bite of Spam (haha yes I love that canned meat!), and my last gulp of iced coffee (with stevia and not sugar... like it really makes a difference after having Spam and rice for brekki), they came up with- Hawaiian theme! It was the easiest theme so far since Jimmy's bro has a catering business that had Hawaiian themed food, and well, my trusty iPod has exactly 181 local Hawaiian tunes perfect for the event (thanks to my very local island boy Pat)! Michi my sister provided all the leis, since she recently opened her floral arrangement business, and well, all our dresses were care of her! Even Maya, who wasn't supposed to be in Manila that time decided to jet over and surprise everyone!

Check out the tables:
Fuchsia table cloth, a platter of tropical fruits as centerpiece, and tiffany chairs... Can I just toot my own horn here- but these table cloths were from our wedding 4 years ago! Still perfect for that tropical feel...

Some pok'e as appetizer,

Lomi-Lomi Salmon anyone?

Of course, we had Lechon, the Filipino version of Kahlua Pork, and a bunch of other food too many to name!

Here is a photo of my sisters and I. From L-R Sitting, Me, Rissa the celebrant, and Maya- my other Sing based sis. The 2 standing, L-R is Michi and Marie. Too bad Mica and Rina weren't here. And yes I have 6 sisters.

Before I splatter too many photos on this post, I think the easiest thing for me to do is post the youtube video Pat made from all his pics. How convenient, he dropped himself out of the video.

Enjoy! I love this song. Ooh La la Pure Aloha by Hawaiian Homeboy, Marty Dread and Bu La'ia- this local comedian who by the way I was so disgusted with the first time I watched him. Then after a few skits, he kinda grew on me. I think he deserves a whole new post another time. By the way- my MiniPod widget is probably still playing some music now. Just pause it and play this video :)

Aug 3, 2008

Sunday Lunch

I've been a delinquent blogger lately, so I thought I'd post a picture of our Sunday's family lunch. Maya, my sister, Pat and I went for a Japanese lunch at Bongout in Robertson's Quay, then walked over to eM by the River for dessert.

Jul 9, 2008

From the Store to the Sand

Every now and then, I try to convince my customers to give me a photo of them in the Josefina or Malia. More often than not, they won't agree because they're shy to show off their bodies. Well thank God for Facebook, my sis (well she still is a customer since she still buys my stuff- sister price of course) finally posted a picture of herself wearing a Malia Eggplant top and Aqua bottom with matching Eggplant belt. I had a low res photo of it a few posts back, but well, even if part of the bikini is covered, I think this is a much better picture! And what a lovely background Krabi, Thailand makes!

Thanks Marie! You look great in the bikini!

Jul 7, 2008

Fried Mars Bars

Ok so I know I'm selling bikinis, but I can't help but blog about a dessert perfect for those hot, humid summers (after all it's practically summer all year round where I am). The Fried Mars Bars from Chippy's!

I was craving for Pepper Lunch's Hamburger Steak when Pat noticed Chippy British Take Away right across the restaurant. "Fried Mars Bars?" he said. We knew we had to taste it. We had this "no sharing dessert policy", but this time around, we decided to share.

"Do you want it with Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream?" asked the lady behind the counter.

"Vanilla" I chirped.


"Ah er... no upgrade"

Then she started the frying. I'm not a chef or a foodie, so I don't really know what coating the fried mars bars had before they were deep fried (then and there I reminded myself to take that extra Fish Oil capsule once we got home).

After a minute or 2, she pulled out the fried mars bars and put them in a plastic bowl where there was an already freshly laid scoop of vanilla ice cream. She pulled out the Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and zigzagged on it. Voila. Dessert is served.

I was expecting a crunchy chocolate bar. Instead, what we got was soft, gooey, chocolate with a light coating of... batter? Caramel? I really don't know. All I know was I gasped "Oh my gosh...". It was sinfully good. I felt like I was in one of those commercials when the actor would close his eyes and appreciate the tastiness and say "Mmmmmmm!". It really was good. It was rich- that we realized it wa a good call to share desert this time around.

After the last morsel of fried mars was swallowed, I asked the lady where the other branches of Chippy British Take Away were. Was I glad they had more branches. They have in Far East Plaza, Plaza Singapura, and the other place I forgot (we were in the Central Mall branch).

For the mean time, I think I'll have to stay away from that dangerous dessert (so help me God).

Jul 3, 2008

Espresso Camera

Perfect point and shoot camera. This is the camera I really wanted. Not really because of the specs, but the color! A rich espresso! So delish. So fashionable! This is the Canon Ixus 80IS. And Pat bought me one today!

It's compact and slim, easy to bring around. And now I don't have to borrow Pat's camera to take the bikinis! Thank you huns! I love the gift! I think I'm going to get the waterproof encasing WP-DC22 one of these days.

Jul 1, 2008

Kaanapali Coffee Farms

"Dreams are free, so free your dreams"
- Astrid Alauda

Now this is paradise. Hawaii. Farm-life. The ocean. And coffee. Lots of it. I would love to live in Kaanapali Coffee Farms. I can already smell the coffee! How I wish! Life would be perfect if I lived here!

I always loved plantation style homes. I think the artists rendition of the model home is just sweet.

And look at the floor plan:

I would also love to have a truck just like this:

Then inside, I will decorate the house with Hawaiiana chic. Just like in the book I bought months ago, Hawaiian House Now.

You can purchase a 5 acre lot for about US$1.2M. The house, well, I still have to find out. I wonder if it would be safe to say that the it would all cost about US$2M to live in paradise. I'd have to sell 50,000 pairs of my Malia Bikinis! Or I can just put a Paypal donate button right about here so you readers can chip in... LOL

Jun 29, 2008

Shopping Fix

So my husband and I braved the Singapore crowd this Sunday out in the mall. We went to pick up a book he reserved at Kinokuniya in Takashimaya, after which we moved on to Vivocity to watch our already booked movie, Kung Fu Panda (I thought the funniest part of the movie was the acupuncture scene!). After the movie, I thought I could manage to be one with the masses and indulge in the GSS (Great Singapore Sale). After seeing the sea of people, I knew I couldn't do it. I really couldn't see myself waiting for an hour just to try on a pair of pants even if it was 70% off. I didn't want to queue for seats at a restaurant. We then decided to just enjoy the rest of the Sunday at home. We still had left over Kahlua Pork and Potato Salad from dinner last night anyway (recipes of that another time!). So instead of being out there satisfying my shopping fix, I decided to do it in the comfort of my own home... through Etsy.

In fact, a few days ago, I started some shopping. I didn't buy anything big. I just bought some accessories to brighten up my usual work day look of a t-shirt or knit top, jeans, and whatever shoes and bag I may be in the mood to wear. I am really glad that my day job doesn't require me to wear a suit!

One purchase was from Etsy friend, Kieu Le. I was looking for a pendant, something teal or blue- then I saw this. It was really funny because I didn't care that she was selling it as a dog charm. Haha. It was just too cute, I knew I had to get it. It would probably look pretty to group with other pendants!

Last December, I bought her Dad's CD called Memories to accompany me on my road trip to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore. For any classical music enthusiast, or even a lover of all kinds of music, this CD is a must buy. Mr. Le Van Khoa's music made the road trip feel like I was in a period, epic film! It was a delight to the ears and especially my emotions!

Anyway... I think a day after I bought the dog charm... er pendant... I was still thinking of pendants. I surfed Etsy and saw hundreds of scrabble tile pendants. I wanted them all! Then I saw a PDF file being sold on how to make one! I wonder if I will actually make one for myself but hey, I bought it anyway. Who knows, I may make a few to sell here on Etsy!

I bought it from A Pink Piggy for $7! And I got it in a few minutes too! I am hoping to try making this pendant next week...

The next day, still in accessory mode, I found this:

Isn't it so cute? This matches the theme of my store and my blog perfectly! It even matches the bikinis! I knew I had to have it for myself. Do check out relishdress' store. All her accessories are just so adorable!

It's almost midnight and I am still surfing etsy. I am still looking at the scrabble tile pendants. And all these shopping totes look so inviting. Help!! I know my shopping fix hasn't been satiated.

Jun 24, 2008

The Summer Sack

For every bikini pair you buy, you now get them in this adorable little pouch. Perfect for gift giving, or simply throwing in your beach bag!

Jun 20, 2008

Aloha E Komo Mai! Verão welcomes you!

Yay! I loaded all the colors of my bikinis! My store is officially open! Thanks for the early sales, Yasmin!

I also just created a Verão Facebook Page. Click here to check it out and feel free to become a fan!

The Reserved Towel

How fun is this? Keep unwanted people away from your tanning spot with this straight-to-the-point towel. I was surfing the net when I stumbled upon this website and discovered this towel.

Don't lose your precious spot on the beach or by the pool to a queue-jumping Gerry this summer. Mark your territory with the new RESERVED towel.

Normally, people have all the sunbed space sewn up by Christmas. This year, you can fight them on the beaches with your brand new weapon. Make sure they know you're not giving your spot up for anyone! The RESERVED towel makes your point loud and clear with no messing about.

In a crowded resort, the RESERVED towel makes the ultimate ‘hands off' statement. Let that beach babe know that your sunbed's not available, unless she's willing to share!

The RESERVED towel is great fun, can help you pull, and will annoy the hell out of the others vying for a place next to the pool. What more could you ask for from a towel?


* Measures 153 x 80cm.
* 100% cotton

Not exactly the most fashionable beach accessory, but hey, at least you're protecting your territory!

Jun 16, 2008

Slowly trickling in

After a few days of shooting, downloading and cropping, I am slowly filling in the store! As you can see to the right- a few goodies are in!

Jun 11, 2008

Under Renovation

I'm jazzing up my store so nothings in it! It's going to be up in a few days.

May 25, 2008

I've been Tagged!!

I haven't been busy with Etsy lately, but thank God for Etsyan friends like Stacy of Stacy Designs, I am back in the loop. She tagged me! I never really knew what it meant until I got a message from her through my blog. Do check out her store. I personally love these Candies Forever No. 5 Earrings she made.

Anyways, here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
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Here are my 7 random facts:

1) I grew up bullying my younger sister. When our Mom gave us milk to drink before bedtime, I'd force her to drink the rest of my milk when Mommy wasn't looking. I still believe that's how she ended up growing taller than me.

2) When I enter an empty ladies room, I always go to the last stall just in case a murderer comes in and starts shooting the stalls one by one. At least I have time to crawl under to the other already shot stalls before he reaches me (morbid I know...)

3) When I was single, I never had a long list of characteristics of how I wanted my husband to be. All I asked was for God to give me a husband who would be able to survive on an island and live off the land just in case anything bad happened. True enough, God blessed me with a husband born and raised in Hawaii who can catch fish and lobster with a spear :)

4) I'm Filipino- born and raised in the Philippines, but I still haven't memorized the days of the week in Tagalog.

5) When I was a child, putting on a shirt was a challenge. I always ended up putting my head through the sleeve instead of the neck hole even if I believed that it felt like the neck hole. So to fix that, I told myself to put my head through the sleeve- and when I did that- I always ended up putting on my shirt correctly.

6) I cut my hair at most twice a year.

7) My ex-boss was Eric Stoltz. I was a production intern for a movie called Sleep With Me where he was the producer and actor. I never got to tell him that his kissing scene in Some Kind of Wonderful was the best kissing scene I ever watched. It still is.


I am tagging

1) Devon of Devonstitching
2) Apol of La Pomme Stories
3) Raven of Dirty Pretty Things
4) Monica of Feltland
5) Kieu Le of Kieutiepie
6) My sister Maya of Swingapore Sister
7) Itsy of Above Happy Valley

Sorry everyone!!!

May 22, 2008

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