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Feb 27, 2011

Casablanca Tunic

Even if I create crochet bikinis, I am not a fashionista. I do believe though that I have my own style- relaxed and casual. I don't even like designer bags because everyone I know has them! I just never run after the latest fads.

However, I do have these moments when something stylish and fashionable strikes me as inspiration. Like designer Trina Turk. I love her style. Casual Chic, up a notch. This photo, taken from the Trina Turk facebook fanpage, is of the manager of her Palm Strings Boutique, Tesha Rosenwinkel. And she's wearing this Casablanca Tunic that I would love to have. I think it's just perfect for a relaxed cocktail by the beach or by the poolside. The colors are just fantastic!

My 2011 bikinis are getting ready to be born. With the 2011 palette. And this Tunic just lit my creative fire more :) watch this space!

Jan 23, 2011

The Straw Trilby Hat

photo credit: J. Crew

Perfect to keep you a tad cooler when you're under the sun! I got myself a Trilby hat just this afternoon. I always thought it was a Fedora, but apparently, the brim of a trilby is much narrower than that of a fedora.

In the past year or 2, I have seen people wearing more hats, even in places where hat wearing really isn't the norm. The straw trilby hat would be a great companion for my crochet bikinis!

Jan 16, 2011


The people you think who you can depend on the most are the ones who won't.

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