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Feb 27, 2009


Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who isn't into yoga. It's almost embarrassing to admit it. I mean c'mon, it's 2009- who doesn't do yoga at this day and age? I know most of the ladies who buy my bikinis do yoga.

It's been so many years Maya has been asking me to join her in her yoga classes, but I have always said no. For one thing, I am very self conscious taking classes with a big group of people. The last time I took Pilates for beginners, I felt I was in a Candid Camera episode. A girl who was twice my weight could do the Roll Up so effortlessly when I was there struggling. And the hundred? It felt like a hundred years before it ended! Since then, I realized I was more of a DVD kind of exercise person.

Now I think I'm ready to get into yoga.. via iPod! I discovered Chaz Rough's Yogamazing video podcast. Currently, I'm downloading:

1) Yoga for Beginners
2) Yoga for Better Memory
3) Yoga for Creativity
4) Heart Openers

Feel free to download his other videos on this page.

Good luck to me!

Feb 26, 2009

Isn't She Lovely

The only instruments I tinkered with in the past was the keyboard, the drums, and the Uke. Yes, the Ukelele. It's a pity though that I didn't master any of these. I don't even know how to read notes! The only songs I mastered on the keyboard was When the Saint's Go Marching In, and Somebody by Depeche Mode. I actually completed 12 drum lessons when I was 14, and the Ukulele, well, I learned the song "Ain't She Sweet" from my Dad.

One channel in youtube I subscribe to is Ukejazztaka- a channel dedicated to the fusion of SwingJazz, Hawaiian, and Bossa Nova music, using what else, the Ukulele! I just love this channel. Listening to the music is just like taking a mini vacation! And since I do love vintage Stevie Wonder (meaning everything pre "I Just Called to Say I Love You"), listening to their "Isn't She Lovely" version was just... lovely!

Enjoy the soothing sounds of Takashi Nakamura and Yoshinori Fuji. I have my own Uke hanging given by Pat years ago- I think I should take it up and tinker with it again :)


I found an Ain't She Sweet clip with 3/4 of the Beatles! I can't believe I can actually play along with this!

Feb 25, 2009


The Ikea Hacker published my Cappicinini lamp! Thanks so much!

Feb 19, 2009

Malia Espresso in Action!

It's so funny how I try to get pictures of the girls who buy my bikinis on my blog. Most of them are just too modest and shy too have it published.

Thank God for sisters!! I was able to get Maya to have me publish this photo of hers from a recent beach trip to Anvaya Cove.

I love how the Malia Espresso fit her well!

Feb 11, 2009

Aloha de Blues

Ok, back to regular programming!

On my iTunes, I have a Hawaiian playlist (which I lovingly call Hawaiiana), an acid jazz playlist (Acidity Jazzidity), and yes... a J-Pop playlist (J-Poppins). My love for J-Pop goes all the way back to the 80's when our family spent almost every summer in Tokyo.

Now can you just imagine when I discovered a J-Pop song fused with some jazz and and Hawaiian? I loved it! I've been playing the song over and over and over! I'm obsessed! To think it was released all the way back in the 90's!

This song I now love is Aloha de Blues, by Pizzicato Five, with then lead singer Takao Tajima of Original Love (I had 2 Pizzicato Five albums in the 90's which mysteriously disappeared when I moved to Singapore. My Original Love CDs also disappeared with it.)

And thanks to my very Nihonggo loving workmate Dina (who also bought a Malia Espresso from moi) who gave me the link to the lyrics and translation!

Here are the lyrics:

Lyrics | Pizzicato Five - Aloha e blues lyrics

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