The Laziest Diet... EVER!

Jul 9, 2008

From the Store to the Sand

Every now and then, I try to convince my customers to give me a photo of them in the Josefina or Malia. More often than not, they won't agree because they're shy to show off their bodies. Well thank God for Facebook, my sis (well she still is a customer since she still buys my stuff- sister price of course) finally posted a picture of herself wearing a Malia Eggplant top and Aqua bottom with matching Eggplant belt. I had a low res photo of it a few posts back, but well, even if part of the bikini is covered, I think this is a much better picture! And what a lovely background Krabi, Thailand makes!

Thanks Marie! You look great in the bikini!

Jul 7, 2008

Fried Mars Bars

Ok so I know I'm selling bikinis, but I can't help but blog about a dessert perfect for those hot, humid summers (after all it's practically summer all year round where I am). The Fried Mars Bars from Chippy's!

I was craving for Pepper Lunch's Hamburger Steak when Pat noticed Chippy British Take Away right across the restaurant. "Fried Mars Bars?" he said. We knew we had to taste it. We had this "no sharing dessert policy", but this time around, we decided to share.

"Do you want it with Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream?" asked the lady behind the counter.

"Vanilla" I chirped.


"Ah er... no upgrade"

Then she started the frying. I'm not a chef or a foodie, so I don't really know what coating the fried mars bars had before they were deep fried (then and there I reminded myself to take that extra Fish Oil capsule once we got home).

After a minute or 2, she pulled out the fried mars bars and put them in a plastic bowl where there was an already freshly laid scoop of vanilla ice cream. She pulled out the Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and zigzagged on it. Voila. Dessert is served.

I was expecting a crunchy chocolate bar. Instead, what we got was soft, gooey, chocolate with a light coating of... batter? Caramel? I really don't know. All I know was I gasped "Oh my gosh...". It was sinfully good. I felt like I was in one of those commercials when the actor would close his eyes and appreciate the tastiness and say "Mmmmmmm!". It really was good. It was rich- that we realized it wa a good call to share desert this time around.

After the last morsel of fried mars was swallowed, I asked the lady where the other branches of Chippy British Take Away were. Was I glad they had more branches. They have in Far East Plaza, Plaza Singapura, and the other place I forgot (we were in the Central Mall branch).

For the mean time, I think I'll have to stay away from that dangerous dessert (so help me God).

Jul 3, 2008

Espresso Camera

Perfect point and shoot camera. This is the camera I really wanted. Not really because of the specs, but the color! A rich espresso! So delish. So fashionable! This is the Canon Ixus 80IS. And Pat bought me one today!

It's compact and slim, easy to bring around. And now I don't have to borrow Pat's camera to take the bikinis! Thank you huns! I love the gift! I think I'm going to get the waterproof encasing WP-DC22 one of these days.

Jul 1, 2008

Kaanapali Coffee Farms

"Dreams are free, so free your dreams"
- Astrid Alauda

Now this is paradise. Hawaii. Farm-life. The ocean. And coffee. Lots of it. I would love to live in Kaanapali Coffee Farms. I can already smell the coffee! How I wish! Life would be perfect if I lived here!

I always loved plantation style homes. I think the artists rendition of the model home is just sweet.

And look at the floor plan:

I would also love to have a truck just like this:

Then inside, I will decorate the house with Hawaiiana chic. Just like in the book I bought months ago, Hawaiian House Now.

You can purchase a 5 acre lot for about US$1.2M. The house, well, I still have to find out. I wonder if it would be safe to say that the it would all cost about US$2M to live in paradise. I'd have to sell 50,000 pairs of my Malia Bikinis! Or I can just put a Paypal donate button right about here so you readers can chip in... LOL

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