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Dec 30, 2008

New Years Pressurelutions

It's the time of the year when everyone comes up with lists.

Me- I never did. I have this love-hate relationship with lists. Sometimes I am just scared to know that I did not accomplish anything on the list. May it be a simple grocery shopping list, or a goal list. I guess it's the generic fear of rejection/ failing. I was always pressured! Will I get to tick the box that I did it or not? Argh!

This year- I will make one. Should I get anything on it done or not, I shouldn't really be scared of it at all. It won't bite! I will get rid of that fear once and for all

Today, I will make my list! My 2009 Resolutions! Happy New Year everyone!

Dec 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The day is almost over but, Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 20, 2008

Dream House

I am delaying my packing for tonight's trip and decided to look at houses for sale. I saw this. I think I'm in love. Universe, are you listening? I think I want to stay here for the rest of my life. Forget the coffee farm. I would love to live here.

Update: I am uploading other photos.

A superb grill for barbecues with family and friends.

A lanai. I love the ceiling fan! I would change the seating set though.

The family room. Spacious and bright!

And the garden. What a lovely corner :)

I want!

Dec 14, 2008

Hellolulu Laptop Bag

I've been lugging two bags to work everyday for the past three months. My everyday bag, and a laptop bag. I thought it was ok to carry 2 bags when a friend nonchalantly called me "Auntie" since I was carrying my laptop bag oh so ungracefully. It was my awakening.

Today, intending to be a day of Christmas shopping, Pat finally decided to buy me that one laptop bag to end all laptop bags. I really didn't think there would be one. I always thought I would be resigned to my now laptop bag (which was actually a simple white tote), or my very childlike (and childish) Doraemon computer bag. Then I saw this:

A nylon laptop bag from Hellolulu! It looks like your everyday tote (I love totes!), but then the beauty of this was the inside. Check it out!

A compartment PERFECT for my 13 in black MacBook! With foam and all! Other compartments were also perfect for make-up, keys, pens, mobile phone, and wallet! Now I really don't need a second bag!

I just wish they had different colors so I can change it according to my outfit! I was crushing on a $700-on-sale Gucci bag, but I must say- this beats it. I wouldn't be able to put my laptop in that Gucci bag. And it only cost S$89 at the Wheelock Apple store.

Dec 12, 2008

Weight Problems

Not THAT kind, okay! I know, I know, I've been busy with other things- that I have neglected to blog lately. And in less than 2 weeks, we again, are jetting back to Manila for our yearly Christmas Holiday. Yay! It's been 3 years since I last saw big sister Mica and her family! Can't wait to celebrate the holidays this year with the entire family... well almost that is (one sis won't be there...)

And since we're going home via the budget route again (Cebu Pacific to be exact), charming the ground staff or having a sob story will not get you any upgrades to business class, or getting your overweight luggage fee waived (since it worked with Pat and I almost all the time when we ride Singapore Airlines or Northwest!). Now, every extra kilo will be charged.

The solution? No- not your usual bathroom scale. I hate having to balance the luggage on the scale when most of the time the luggage tips over anyway. I found this hassle free gadget.

Balanzza has a 100-pound capacity and secures to your luggage with a strap rather than using a hook which can damage your belongings. Automatic hold feature allows you to weigh your bag, then set it down again before checking the weight. Balanzza's digital display is large and easy to read.

Best of all- you don't have to struggle lugging your suitcase on the bathroom scale- better yet, you'll avoid those embarrassing repacking sessions right at the check-in counter!

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