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Sep 19, 2008

Dream Come True!

So I was on my way back from work, tired and spent, when my sister Maya told me that she saw a poster in Clark Quay that The Brand New Heavies will be performing at 9pm. The Brand New Heavies. Just my favorite band. The band whose funky acid jazz music made me buy most of their CDs since 1992. The band I listened to driving to work, on road trips, while running, while editing, making candles etc... Their CDs were one of the first I imported to iTunes and my iPod. And when termites ravaged my whole Heavies CD collection (that whole incident deserves another post another time), I cried. The same band that I said "After I hear them live, I can go ahead and die" (So here I am God, taking back that last statement of mine). There is not one week I don't listen to them. I know most of their music to heart.

Anyway when I heard that they were in town, and about 15 minutes away from home, I knew I just HAD to go. Since my regular date was out of town (that means Pat the hubby- after all I did tell him about BNH and introduce him to my type of music during courtship), I met up with my sister instead to watch the gig. I really think it was a pity how poorly advertised this event was (or I don't know, maybe I live under a rock). I also didn't like how the stage was actually sunken- they performed on the river while everyone was watching from the bars on the riverside.

Anyway, we got to Asylum, since it sort of had a good vantage point of the stage. After consuming some quesadillas, caiprinhas and a Coke Light while 2 other bands played, I was ready to do some grooving!

And then it was time! Whoohoow! Seeing Jan Kincaid (drummer and songwriter), N'dea Davenport (the lead singer), Simon Barthlomew (the lead guitarist), and Andrew Levy (the bombest bass!) was surreal! They played a medley of their instrumentals in the beginning. Then next, N'dea sang "Never Stop", their first song I fell in love with. Somehow I wished she had sang it how it was on record, but hey- I still danced in my chair. And she must have been tired of the original way she sang it so still, it was cool!

The trooper in me had come out and I had to let my sis Maya wait at Asylum while I found my way to the VIP area. True enough, with enough negotiations ( e.g. I've been listening to them for 16 years so I do believe I need to be right there in front of them) with security (and thanks to a nameless guy with a gray hat from production), I got myself right in front of the band I had danced to for almost 2 decades! It was hard to shoot and dance and sing at the same time, but hey, for a few minutes, somehow I did! How I wish they performed more (or I don't know, I could have left too early and they had another set after), but I did manage to take a photo with Simon Bartholomew. I really wanted to have one with the whole band, but I swear security was such a pain.

Here is a video I took with my Canon Ixus 80IS. I just shot the ending of Dream Come True. How apt of a title. It was my dream come true to see them live! And thanks Simon for doing a little interaction (you see it on about 35 seconds through the video)!

And here is the ambush photo op I had with Simon B. Thanks to the stranger who was willing enough to take my picture. I really don't know why Simon posed that way but still, thanks! Now he looks like the fan! I wish I had a photo with the entire band :(

They performed most of the tunes I wanted to hear, and now I am ready to replenish my entire CD collection again. I think their sound totally deserves real, tangible CDs.

The Brand New Heavies- you are so totally the BOMB! I can't wait to watch you live again!

Sep 15, 2008

Blush Sneakers

Never in my life did I think that I was going to wear Converse. Ever. Not even back in the 80's. This time around though, I thought a pair of blush pink sneakers would look great with a pair of jeans and a white tee. Am I glad I don't wear suits to work. And I think my Samsung phone camera isn't bad at all!

Sep 11, 2008

The iPod Boombox

For anyone who grew up in the 80's, the "it" piece cool of technology then was the boombox. I remember how I'd lug one to school- freshly bought from Tokyo by my Dad. It was so hi-tech then, since it had the tape-to-tape capability! Mix tapes could be duplicated! And I did my first mixing and ripping of music with our boombox at the tender age of 12. The band? Spandau Ballet!

Then a few days ago, I saw this wonderful product in Domino magazine. The iPod Boombox from Urban Outfitters. A great marriage of the old and the new for only $220.

Check out the write up from the Urban Outfitters website:

Sometimes bigger really is better. And when it comes to rocking the block with the hottest new banger, this iPod Boom Box is the biggest and the best! Retro good looks combine with serious hi-fi technology to provide an unmatched all-in-one portable sound system. Built-in iPod dock with spring-loaded door; included dock adaptor for use with Nano, Mini and previous generation iPods; docked iPods are charged and controlled via push button controls at the front; inputs at the front support USB flash drive and SD/MMC cards for mp3 playback; AV output at the back for TV or monitor connectivity when using video iPods; Good Reception tuner function (AM/FM/RBDS); 20 FM preset stations and 20 AM preset stations; Radio Broadcast Data System display for song info, when applicable; alarm and sleep function; accurate real time clock display; separate bass and treble controls; powerful 12W speakers; push button EQ adjustment; volume level indicator; AUX input; headphone jack; microphone input and volume/echo adjustment for karaoke; full function remote control; uses AC power or batteries; iPod not included. Imported. Keep dry.
* Included: Boom box, iPod dock adaptor; power cable; remote control
* Optional equipment: 10 D batteries, not included; iPod, iPod mini or iPod Nano, not included
* 25.5"w, 14.5"h, 6.5"d
* Plastic, electronics
* Shipping charge: $15

How cute is that? Definitely a conversation piece! It can give your beach trip or afternoon barbecue that summer, fun, 80's feel. Just have your 80's playlist going and your little shindig will get big reviews!

Sep 8, 2008

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

I have about 5 versions of Corcovado in my iPod Classic. Sarah Vaughn, Ana Caram, Frank Sinatra, Everything But the Girl and Lisa Ono. I think it's one of the songs in my all time Top 25 list. I also think it's a great summer beach tune you can sip a Caipirinha or Margarita with. Then just about 5 minutes ago, I checked out my youtube subscriptions and saw musician Paul Sonnenberg's version. I subscribed to his videos sometime last year since I liked his take on Bossa Nova. I like his version, so I'm posting it here for my few readers to chill too.

I kind of like the 8mm film style. Makes it feel more vintage.

Sep 3, 2008


Last week, I was on a framing frenzy. I grabbed all the picture frames we had, laid them on the floor, and just like a child playing with a new puzzle, I was sliding each frame from one side to the other. Left to right. Down to up. Do the colors match? Can they stay beside each other? Should the sides be aligned? I was shifting frames, hoping they fit, just like a game of tetris, when I decided to give up. Pat just suggested that we should just go wild. We started with one frame on the wall. Then randomly put one next to it, then another, then another. Next thing we knew, we had a stair-like shape. I like it! The frames were still empty, so we just fit in pictures after the fact. Some wedding, vacation, a Peggy Hopper print I got in the Aloha Staidum flea market, baby pictures. It was a mix we both were happy with. Maybe we're done with this wall. Maybe not. Who knows! Except for a few crooked frames, I'm happy :) Promise to take it again when it's straight.

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