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Jul 28, 2009

Dive On In- the Water's Warm!

Yay! The super lovely DownHomeDiva put my Malia Ocean Bikini Top in her treasury! A lovely color combination indeed- coral and blue!

The treasury will be up until July 31. Check it out right here.

Jul 21, 2009

Verão, the mini movie

I made this last night. Now I realize how badly I need a real model.

Jul 19, 2009

Starbucks Jewelry

My summer beverage of choice is iced coffee. Well I live summer everyday so yes, everyday is iced coffee day! So when I saw these lovely earrings by Charlie's, I fell in love!

Ok it's not exactly iced but isn't it just adorable? I love the idea you can have Starbucks jewelry! Check out the other earrings and necklaces. Like the Two Scoops Ice Cream Cone Earrings:

Pancake breakfast, anyone?

I'm a Sexy Nerd Ring!

And one of my faves- perfect for a summer evening...
Beer Bottle with Hula dancer Bottle Opener!

There's just too much to show :) I won't spoil it for you. Go visit Charlie's etsy store right here.

Jul 9, 2009

The Best Summer Movie?

What else is great about summer other than the beach and bikinis? The summer movie releases of course! And it's sci-fi movie galore! There's Transformers, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, X-Men: Wolverine, and District 9. Wha-hat? Say it again? Have you heard of District 9?

Seems that this upcoming summer movie is currently flying under the radar. Check out their ultra cool trailer:

Produced by Peter Jackson and directed by South African film maker Neill Blomkamp, this film, despite it's complex visual effects, doesn't seem like your run-of-the-mill sci-fi flick. Set sometime in the future in Johannesburg, South Africa, the film is about humans AND aliens living together... kind of. The aliens are actually forced to live in slum-like conditions and in a government designated area. And, this has been how life has been for 28 loooong years. Now that's my kind of sci-fi flick! I can certainly feel that this film could be a winner!

A short film and advertisement director, looks like Neill Blomkamp is a talent to keep your eye on! Here's Alive in Joburg, the short film that District 9 was based on.

Check out District 9's fun website right here. You'll have a blast navigating it! I did! Can't wait for August 14!

Jul 5, 2009

Thriller By Jake Shimabukuro

Still in a Michael Jackson mood, I was wondering if Ukulele virtuoso of Hawaii Jake Shimabukuro ever played anything by the King of Pop. True enough, thanks to google, he did! Check it out.

We were supposed to catch Jake play live back in 2002, but we arrived too late for his performance. Nevertheless, I watched his concert on DVD and it was awesome. I know I love the traditional sound of the Uke, but Jake cranks it up by giving Thriller, or any other song for that matter, a unique, jazzy spin.

For more on Jake Shimabukuro, click here.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson

Ok, so a post about the demise of the one and only Michael Jackson had to make it's way to my blog. After all, he was about to stage his final, grandest, curtain call summer concert- This is it! Could you just imagine what kind of concert it might have been? How sad!

Where were you when you heard that he passed away? It's a bit embarrassing, but from all places to find out he passed away- I found out about it from Perez Hilton! What a shame! I remember, the night before, a friend left me an offline message about Farrah Fawcett's death and gave me a link to the Perez site. So I clicked and saw the news of her death. I was shocked, but I managed to go to sleep. A few hours later, I woke up and grabbed my MacBook like I always do. I still had Perez Hilton tab open and read that Michael Jackson passed away. I couldn't believe it. My husband, an avid MJ fan (he has all his albums in his iPod) was still asleep. I really didn't give it much thought, so I just semi-screamed, "OMG, Michael Jackson died!!!". He woke up disoriented, shocked, and bummed. All of a sudden, a rush of memories came over me. I remembered those first times I heard his music.

I remembered Give Love on Christmas Day, and how the street kids would go caroling on our doorstep and and mix up the lyrics from:

"People you don't know, smile and nod hello..."


"People you don't know, buying special gifts..."

Then I remembered my sisters playing the Off The Wall album non-stop, and Rock with You was the song being replayed most of the time. Then on a trip to Japan in the early 80's I remember Michael Jackson being in a scooter commercial. I just googled "Michael Jackson Japanese Commercial" and voila... I found it!

By the time Thriller came out, the amazing 20 minute music video was the talk of the town. I was in the 7th grade, and every class somehow had a group of girls (I was in an all girls school) practicing the dance during lunch break and dismissal time. Then one idle weekend at home, also sometime in the 80's I remember my sisters and I videoed our eldest sister, Mica dance to Beat It, complete with tight pants, white socks, short jacket, white glove, wet curly hair and aviator shades!

Just about 2 weeks ago, when I had to buy some bulbs in the Home DIY shop, they were playing some MJ music in the store. My 3 minute trip ended up being a 15 minute stay! I wanted to listen to the whole album! At the counter, I just ended up asking the cashier to pull out the CD cover for me to see what album it was. It was The 25th Anniversary of Thriller.

Oh well. Somehow everyone has their own memories of Michael Jackson. He may have been troubled, but he was such a talented, timeless artist. Even my pre-teen nephews have been doing the moonwalk for the past 3 years!

With all the Michael Jackson mania following his death, I just discovered this one old Jackson song which I never remembered listening to as a kid. It's That's What You Get (For Being Polite).

What a sad and beautiful piece. Check out the lyrics of this song.

Thanks for all the good times Michael!

Jul 1, 2009

Valerie Bertinelli Bikini Cover Shoot

Everyone knows Valerie Bertinelli as that pretty teen from One Day at a Time. To me, she was that lucky magazine heiress Maxi Amberville in the Judith Krantz novel turned TV Mini Series I'll Take Manhattan. Why do I say lucky? Because her love interest was one of 1987's hottest actors, Jack Scalia! Ok ok, I can hear everyone laugh now.

So when I saw her in USC shooting a TV movie (I think it was Murder of Innocence) sometime in the 90's when I was studying a summer film course, I was thrilled! She was shooting a scene in our apartment building (I think it was called Webb Tower). I was too shy to have a photo taken with her.

We all know that years later, Valerie Bertinelli gained a few pounds, and although she kept her youthful features, everyone noticed her weight.

Then last April, she managed to be the cover of People Magazine to show off her rockin' bikini body! Imagine that? At 49! Thanks to Jenny Craig!

What a body! And from the latest news, what a gal! She actually attended Eddie Van Halen's wedding! I'm sure Valerie would look great in any of my bikinis!

Kate Gosselin and her Bikini Body

I wonder how Kate Gosselin would look in any of my bikinis? After all, she's been recently spotted wearing bikinis walking out of her house! And with her bikini body, I'm sure my bikinis would look great on her! Or even her little girls! Ok ok... I can hear all your arrghs of disgust!

The first time I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8, I was so at awe. My sister from Manila was visiting then. She wondered out loud if they would ever separate. I told her, that for sure, as parents of 8, you will never ever divorce because you won't have time to fight. All you do is take care of your kids. My. Now that was such a wroonnnng answer. Oh well.

For her body type, I think she would look great in one of my Josefina's. Check out Kate Gosselin's Bikini Body!

Image care of CelebGossipz.

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