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Jan 30, 2009

The Domino Effect

Last Wednesday, I went to grab the February edition of Domino. I had noticed it was uncharacteristically thinner than usual. Later on in the evening, I checked into my Facebook account and noticed the update of one of my idol bloggers and now FB friend Holly Becker of Decor8 confirmed that Domino magazine is folding.

I was stunned. I am no high flying interior decorator, but I do look forward to every issue. I may actively seek inspiration to spruce up our home, or I just have it by my bedside to give me "happy thoughts" before I sleep.

Thank you Domino, for all the fantastic spreads! Your magazine will be missed! I was about to cut some pages of my older issues for my vision board, but hey. I won't anymore!

Now to the people I lent my back issues to, do have the heart to give them back. In tact, I hope!

Jan 6, 2009

Extra Baggage

Not the emotional kind!

I love traveling, but I hate packing. So the only way I can have fun packing is to at least have the luggage look good. At least to me :)

I've always made sure that my luggage would be sturdy and easy to spot. I bought Samsonite which, unexpectedly died during it's supposed warranty period. And although I like Delsey's super roller wheels, the zippers gave way in 2 years (I still use it though. It also is a great dancing partner).

In Robinsons Galleria, I spotted luggage I wanted. Just like how I chose my Canon Ixus 80IS, I wanted this luggage for pure eye candy purposes.

It was really cheap at P1800 (US$39) and P1600 (US$35) respectively (50% off!) and it was in hot pink! I mean even if it turns out to be el-cheapo in quality, it's ok :) Thanks to the salesmanship of Reazon Dagohoy (I hope I got his name right), I was suckered into buying the bigger one 2 days ago. I couldn't stop thinking of the other one, I rushed back yesterday to get the smaller one. I just have to have matching luggage. The brand is Patriot, and according to Reazon (I like saying his name because I find it so unique), it was manufactured in Bulacan. At least I bought something Philippine made! Now if it wasn't, and it's just one of those China factory bags, well, at least he was a good salesman.

Looking forward to more travels this 2009 with my hot pink luggage. For the more conservative, I did spot a grey and a brown set.

UPDATE (Feb 25, 2009)
Now I remember where I got the idea for the luggage!! From Domino!

I'll really miss this magazine!

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