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Jun 20, 2008

The Reserved Towel

How fun is this? Keep unwanted people away from your tanning spot with this straight-to-the-point towel. I was surfing the net when I stumbled upon this website and discovered this towel.

Don't lose your precious spot on the beach or by the pool to a queue-jumping Gerry this summer. Mark your territory with the new RESERVED towel.

Normally, people have all the sunbed space sewn up by Christmas. This year, you can fight them on the beaches with your brand new weapon. Make sure they know you're not giving your spot up for anyone! The RESERVED towel makes your point loud and clear with no messing about.

In a crowded resort, the RESERVED towel makes the ultimate ‘hands off' statement. Let that beach babe know that your sunbed's not available, unless she's willing to share!

The RESERVED towel is great fun, can help you pull, and will annoy the hell out of the others vying for a place next to the pool. What more could you ask for from a towel?


* Measures 153 x 80cm.
* 100% cotton

Not exactly the most fashionable beach accessory, but hey, at least you're protecting your territory!

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