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Jul 10, 2007

Celebrity Look-a-like

Who is your look-a-like? Click on My Heritage !


devonaz said...

you are more prettier then any of those actress,,,now I can put a name with a face,,hope you get your tote soon...have a great day..


Verão said...

Aawww thanks Devon :) Can't wait to get the tote!

ipsy said...

jangina! jennang jenna! ;-) pareho kayong smile!

Verão said...

Ipsy! You think?? I feel like I totally don't look like her. When I tried it with Pat, he looked like Francois Miterrand, P Diddy, Matthew Broderick, The Rock and Pedro Almodovar. Weird!!!!

Raven said...

Funny. I did mine and my match at 90% was Angelina Jolie.
I didn't mind that at all.

But, where on earth did they get Jenna Elfman or Candace Cameron as a match for you?


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