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Jul 17, 2007


I love positive feedback from my buyers. My first buyer bought my Josefina in Espresso and Azure the day I posted it! It was such a surprise, I couldn't stop jumping for joy! In my enthusiasm though, I didn't read her instructions right and sent the bikini to her old address in Paris (oui, oui, Pareee!!), so her parents had to send it to her to Switzerland. Thank you, Celine of Tenlittlefingers! About a month later, when she finally received her bikini, she posted this feedback:

"I love it! It's amazing how soft and stretchy the cotton is. Fits perfect. Beautiful colours too! Many thanks for the extra gift and your wonderful communication."

It's flattering when someone who buys your creation has products that are flying off the shelf! Check out her store at, and her blog at When I do need to take a trip that requires me to get a coat, I will get one from her!

My other buyer, Noelle, who became an etsy member because I wrote her a How to Register at Etsy email gave me this positive feedback for the Josefina in Espresso and Azure she bought:

"I tried mine on the minute I got home and was just very, very pleased. So pleased I went and bought another. As a voluptuous woman, I find it tough to find a bikini that's supportive and works with my body. This one does."

And when she received her other Josefina in Licorice, she said:
"Love this. Bought it on the heels of the other one. Now I want a black and azure colour combination!"

I will make one one of these days Noelle!!

Then yesterday, I got another positive feedback for the Josefina in Vanilla . It was so flattering, I almost cried!! Okay, okay... I actually did!

"I can not believe how well this bikini fits, feels and looks. I am in shock. Usually I am very picky about bathing suits. This is such a top quality suit that it is worth much, much more than the asking price. I hope you make more, because I am going to recommend everyone I know to your store. I am so, so happy.!!! My mouth will remain open in awe, and my fiance might have to get some sunblock for his tongue which will be permanently hanging out. ;) excellent product!"

This was bought by BOXC. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, Chrissy! It warms my heart everytime I read it. Check out her rockin' jewlery at

I am hoping to post my other bikinis soon! I never realized shooting bikinis can be such a project!


mcsister said...

Pinks, you are the Queen of Bikinis -- the Bi-Queen-ni!

I love my Verao bikinis too!

Tiesha said...

ha! i had that same experience with tenlittlefingers! (sent package to paris instead of switzerland). i realized it weeks later and she didn't even trip out. so cool. :-)

your work is really nice. looove the bikinis.

rowena said...

Pinks, your bikinis are lovely. can you do one for me, yung mini shorts and style. I don't have the guts to wear skimpy ones eh, he he.

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