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Mar 10, 2008

Summery Homes

I love the entire concept of summer. The beaches. The clothes. The vacations. And the tropical homes! I just love pouring over magazines and books with such lovely spreads. I love it how I get inspired and make it my own!

One of my favorite summer magazine spreads is from 5 years ago- the Martha Stewart Living June 2003 issue.

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You must be surprised I still have it in pristine condition. Believe me, I still have most of these mags well in tact and looking brand-new.

This issue had a great spread entitled Wicker, Paper, Straw by Alison Gordon. It was shot by seasoned travel, food and still life photographer Victoria Pearson, in her own Ojai, California home.

Once in a while I pull out this issue and leave it on my bedside table just to admire the rooms and get inspiration for our own home since it’s practically summer all year round.

I loved how these rooms were decorated using natural fibers of sea grass, raffia, wood and straw. So earthy, organic, and Asian without getting too Zen and minimalist. I can almost smell them! Unlike the usual Bali spa look (which I personally am getting tired of in this side of the world), these rooms look more lived in and relaxed.

I have this Vietnames straw hat which I want to make into a lampshade just like the one on the right- but I haven't found the body for it!

It’s a 5 year old magazine, and still, I think these trimmings would look super for summer 2008. I would love to dress up our home more, but argh… we have to move by the end of July.

*all these photos are taken from my personal copy of Martha Stewart Living June 2003

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Chucka Stone Designs said...

Definitely classic design all around. I love the one with the window shades at different heights. A little surprise in the design makes it feel so perfectly laid back. Keep that mag forever :)

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