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Jul 1, 2008

Kaanapali Coffee Farms

"Dreams are free, so free your dreams"
- Astrid Alauda

Now this is paradise. Hawaii. Farm-life. The ocean. And coffee. Lots of it. I would love to live in Kaanapali Coffee Farms. I can already smell the coffee! How I wish! Life would be perfect if I lived here!

I always loved plantation style homes. I think the artists rendition of the model home is just sweet.

And look at the floor plan:

I would also love to have a truck just like this:

Then inside, I will decorate the house with Hawaiiana chic. Just like in the book I bought months ago, Hawaiian House Now.

You can purchase a 5 acre lot for about US$1.2M. The house, well, I still have to find out. I wonder if it would be safe to say that the it would all cost about US$2M to live in paradise. I'd have to sell 50,000 pairs of my Malia Bikinis! Or I can just put a Paypal donate button right about here so you readers can chip in... LOL


Dasha said...

wow that would be nice to live in :)

Hoochy said...

Hey Pinky!
Thanks for writing in my blog, I see you embedded a music player too... it's fun, huh? Ha ha...
Anyway, plantation house and truck sound good right about now, I can so see myself working on a farm. Someday I'd actually like to have a health retreat-organic farm in Hawaii... in addition to my beach house. Yeah, let's dream big!!
We should catch up soon and go to the beach one of these days.
Saw ur bikinis, very cute. I love those string ones, will let you know when I'm ready to buy another from you. Love the yellow and green combo.
Take care!

Verão said...

Hey Sasha... update... the house is US$4.9M. Now that's really dreaming big! Haha! And yes, thanks for the player! I love it! I just have to update my music.

Yes, let's catch up. Since you don't like pork, maybe one time you can have some Pat's chicken teriyaki and potato salad again!

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