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Jul 3, 2008

Espresso Camera

Perfect point and shoot camera. This is the camera I really wanted. Not really because of the specs, but the color! A rich espresso! So delish. So fashionable! This is the Canon Ixus 80IS. And Pat bought me one today!

It's compact and slim, easy to bring around. And now I don't have to borrow Pat's camera to take the bikinis! Thank you huns! I love the gift! I think I'm going to get the waterproof encasing WP-DC22 one of these days.


WW said...

Congrats on the camera.
I just got one of those yummy "espresso" colored Cannons a couple of weeks ago myself.
How sad the company only came up with the name "brown" for a color!

Verão said...

Thanks WW!! I saw somewhere, which I can't remember, it was called chocolate. It's still Espresso to me too.. I love it!!!!

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