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Dec 14, 2008

Hellolulu Laptop Bag

I've been lugging two bags to work everyday for the past three months. My everyday bag, and a laptop bag. I thought it was ok to carry 2 bags when a friend nonchalantly called me "Auntie" since I was carrying my laptop bag oh so ungracefully. It was my awakening.

Today, intending to be a day of Christmas shopping, Pat finally decided to buy me that one laptop bag to end all laptop bags. I really didn't think there would be one. I always thought I would be resigned to my now laptop bag (which was actually a simple white tote), or my very childlike (and childish) Doraemon computer bag. Then I saw this:

A nylon laptop bag from Hellolulu! It looks like your everyday tote (I love totes!), but then the beauty of this was the inside. Check it out!

A compartment PERFECT for my 13 in black MacBook! With foam and all! Other compartments were also perfect for make-up, keys, pens, mobile phone, and wallet! Now I really don't need a second bag!

I just wish they had different colors so I can change it according to my outfit! I was crushing on a $700-on-sale Gucci bag, but I must say- this beats it. I wouldn't be able to put my laptop in that Gucci bag. And it only cost S$89 at the Wheelock Apple store.


Stacy's Designs 88 said...

You always find the neatest things! Thanks again for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! The bag looks so chic! I found a laptop bag by Vanilla but i think it's heavier than my Macbook! LOL. Thanks for sharing your find.

Verão said...

If only Hellolulu had this version in a range of delicious colors, I'd get them all! The only other color I saw was in Mulberry. The green canvas one was slightly heavier than this one.

I've been getting comments about my bag from people on the street! I thought it just looked so basic, but I guess not! I haven't used any other bag ever since I got this!

... beachfreak said...

I just got the Mulberry for myself a month ago and I love it. Minsan I use it even if I don't bring my laptop with me =)

Verão said...

Same here beachfreak. I used it all the time even if i don't bring my laptop!

Blogger said...

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