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Jan 6, 2009

Extra Baggage

Not the emotional kind!

I love traveling, but I hate packing. So the only way I can have fun packing is to at least have the luggage look good. At least to me :)

I've always made sure that my luggage would be sturdy and easy to spot. I bought Samsonite which, unexpectedly died during it's supposed warranty period. And although I like Delsey's super roller wheels, the zippers gave way in 2 years (I still use it though. It also is a great dancing partner).

In Robinsons Galleria, I spotted luggage I wanted. Just like how I chose my Canon Ixus 80IS, I wanted this luggage for pure eye candy purposes.

It was really cheap at P1800 (US$39) and P1600 (US$35) respectively (50% off!) and it was in hot pink! I mean even if it turns out to be el-cheapo in quality, it's ok :) Thanks to the salesmanship of Reazon Dagohoy (I hope I got his name right), I was suckered into buying the bigger one 2 days ago. I couldn't stop thinking of the other one, I rushed back yesterday to get the smaller one. I just have to have matching luggage. The brand is Patriot, and according to Reazon (I like saying his name because I find it so unique), it was manufactured in Bulacan. At least I bought something Philippine made! Now if it wasn't, and it's just one of those China factory bags, well, at least he was a good salesman.

Looking forward to more travels this 2009 with my hot pink luggage. For the more conservative, I did spot a grey and a brown set.

UPDATE (Feb 25, 2009)
Now I remember where I got the idea for the luggage!! From Domino!

I'll really miss this magazine!


Stacy's Designs 88 said...

LOVE your hot pink luggage...jealous! Another good thing, you'll be able to spot your luggage real quick. No one can walk away with these lovelies. :)

jenny said...

how is your hot pink luggage holding up?

Verão said...

Hey Jen! I had to leave my other luggage at home- I didn't want to be overweight! Someone from home will just take it here :)

Anonymous said...

This is just the entry I need! I am actually going to do quite a number of traveling this year and I'm on a lookout for a nice luggage. That hot pink set of yours is gorgeous! And it's Philippine made! I'll try to see the other colors you mentioned. Let us know if it's sturdy talaga ha. :-)

Verão said...

I just bought it so I really just used it once. It came out fine :) I can't really say! I did have my share of "sturdy" luggage before, but they did get banged within 2 years, so I thought that I'd give this a try. Do check out the luggage department in Robinsons. I kind of regret not getting the cabin sized one, but it's ok. The over zealous sales guy did say it was Philippine made. I really hope it was!

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