The Laziest Diet... EVER!

May 19, 2009

To the H to the BOT... HBOT!

So ok this post isn't really about my bikinis, but since I am somewhat on a "vacation" during "summer", I guess this post will somehow fit.

I've been in Manila for a few days to regroup and spend time with my Mom post mothers day. Just this morning, I accompanied my mother to an unusual yet beneficial oxygen therapy known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, also known as HBOT. What happens here is that the client (I refuse to say "patient"!) climbs in this futuristic chamber where it is filled with compressed air and oxygen at 1.3 ATA, the equivalentof being 11 feet below sea level, and stays in there for an hour. This increased pressure allows the body to absorb additional oxygen which greatly increases the oxygen uptake by the cells, tissues, organs and brain. Imagine what this can do to your body! Although it is most popular with children that have autism, after reading the literature, I'm sure in a way it benefits people with heart ailments as well. Word is, this chamber is also great for the skin! There are reports from mothers and nannies who accompany the children in the chamber that their skin looks and feels better! I think I should try it on myself one time!

While waiting for my moms hour to be up, I got to check out the food also being sold in the center. These are GFCF foods, or Gluten-free Casein-free diet foods by Free Living Foods. This is a diet which entirely eliminates intake of the naturally occuring proteins and casein in milk, making it better food for autistic children to take. The Skinless Pork Longganisa looked good so I decided to buy some!

This is the entrance to the center.

And this is the space age looking chamber. I haven't watched Star Trek yet, but it does have that Trekkie vibe about it.

After the hour spent in the chamber, my Mom was more energetic, and she said that she felt that she was thinking clearer.

Free Living Foods and the Hyperbaric Oxygen Wellness Center is located at the Lower Level, Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse, 631-3005 / 0917-737-4489.


Stacy's Designs 88 said...

You should try it out Pinky. My little cousin who is autistic used to sit in that machine and it did work for him. Have fun with your family. :)

mcsister said...

Domo arigato, mr HBOT-oh!

I will try it in Manila next time :)

gangsta bride said...

Looks amazing! I have to eat gluten-free, so a place like that is my dream!

btw your bikinis are so awesome.

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