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May 6, 2009

The Ocean Journey

One of my favorite pastimes is watching the newly posted Etsy goodies scroll down that little area on the home page. And a lot of times I click on something that interests me. Just a few minutes ago, I clicked on this charming little piece of jewelery!

I really want it, but I am on a self-imposed shopping hiatus. So if I can't have it, I would love someone out there to get it.

What I really like about it is what else? The beach theme! I don't know, but something about it shouts the coast of Maine. Must be the sea glass! I can see myself wearing this with a some kind of a taupe cotton sweater, white capri pants, while barefoot at the beach. I want it!

Click here to get this baby for yourself. If not, I just might grab it for moi. This store looks great. I already hearted it. Check out Japonica here.

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