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Feb 13, 2010

Freediving Dream

While I am enroute to fulfilling a dream project that is nowhere geographically near Hawaii, here I am blogging about the island once again. It was once, and well, it is still a dream of mine to learn to freedive in the Hawaiian waters. Yes, free dive and not scuba dive. I'm too insecure to work on any knobs and tanks underwater! In freediving, all I will depend on would be me and my lungs. At laest I'd have control of that :) Anyway... before my husband and I got married, he used to freedive and spearfish in his special pockets of ocean in Oahu. Although I've visited Hawaii a few times, I've never ever joined him in his spearfishing missions. I regret not doing so! I just saw a few Spearfishing videos care of Bluewater Hunter Videos on youtube, and it makes me pick up that dream again (more of the dream of freediving and not spearfishing ok?)

Here are two breathtaking videos by Rob White of Bluewater Hunter Video.

Don't the Pilot Whales look interesting? Have I been in the city too long but I don't really recall seeing any whale that looked like that!

Check out the rest of the awesome videos right at his channel right here.

Aaah, I miss the islands. I miss the water.

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