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Feb 28, 2010

Dream Come True Part Deux

How lucky can I get- watching my favorite UK artists for the 2nd time? I love The Heavies!

The last time was September 2008, when I just found out about their performance an hour before in Singapore Clark Quay. And then just a day before  their performance in Manila, I get news that they're performing at the Philippine International Jazz and Arts Festival in Sofitel. Yay! I was willing to pay for tickets, but no! Sister Maya passes me a pair! Since again this year, my hubby couldn't make it (this time he was back in Singapore covering the HSBC Women's Champions LPGA), I grab my younget sis, Marie to groove with me. Yay!

This time around, I get a better photo op with lead guitarist Simon Bartholomew.

Definitely better than the last time!

I think i'm getting better at this! The next gig of theirs I'll catch will be in London!

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