The Laziest Diet... EVER!

Sep 3, 2008


Last week, I was on a framing frenzy. I grabbed all the picture frames we had, laid them on the floor, and just like a child playing with a new puzzle, I was sliding each frame from one side to the other. Left to right. Down to up. Do the colors match? Can they stay beside each other? Should the sides be aligned? I was shifting frames, hoping they fit, just like a game of tetris, when I decided to give up. Pat just suggested that we should just go wild. We started with one frame on the wall. Then randomly put one next to it, then another, then another. Next thing we knew, we had a stair-like shape. I like it! The frames were still empty, so we just fit in pictures after the fact. Some wedding, vacation, a Peggy Hopper print I got in the Aloha Staidum flea market, baby pictures. It was a mix we both were happy with. Maybe we're done with this wall. Maybe not. Who knows! Except for a few crooked frames, I'm happy :) Promise to take it again when it's straight.


olive said...

hehehe...luv the frames. always loved a wall with loads of frames. bisyo ko rin pala yan.

Verão said...

Olive! It's addicting! And this forces me to look for digital photos I never printed!

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