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Sep 11, 2008

The iPod Boombox

For anyone who grew up in the 80's, the "it" piece cool of technology then was the boombox. I remember how I'd lug one to school- freshly bought from Tokyo by my Dad. It was so hi-tech then, since it had the tape-to-tape capability! Mix tapes could be duplicated! And I did my first mixing and ripping of music with our boombox at the tender age of 12. The band? Spandau Ballet!

Then a few days ago, I saw this wonderful product in Domino magazine. The iPod Boombox from Urban Outfitters. A great marriage of the old and the new for only $220.

Check out the write up from the Urban Outfitters website:

Sometimes bigger really is better. And when it comes to rocking the block with the hottest new banger, this iPod Boom Box is the biggest and the best! Retro good looks combine with serious hi-fi technology to provide an unmatched all-in-one portable sound system. Built-in iPod dock with spring-loaded door; included dock adaptor for use with Nano, Mini and previous generation iPods; docked iPods are charged and controlled via push button controls at the front; inputs at the front support USB flash drive and SD/MMC cards for mp3 playback; AV output at the back for TV or monitor connectivity when using video iPods; Good Reception tuner function (AM/FM/RBDS); 20 FM preset stations and 20 AM preset stations; Radio Broadcast Data System display for song info, when applicable; alarm and sleep function; accurate real time clock display; separate bass and treble controls; powerful 12W speakers; push button EQ adjustment; volume level indicator; AUX input; headphone jack; microphone input and volume/echo adjustment for karaoke; full function remote control; uses AC power or batteries; iPod not included. Imported. Keep dry.
* Included: Boom box, iPod dock adaptor; power cable; remote control
* Optional equipment: 10 D batteries, not included; iPod, iPod mini or iPod Nano, not included
* 25.5"w, 14.5"h, 6.5"d
* Plastic, electronics
* Shipping charge: $15

How cute is that? Definitely a conversation piece! It can give your beach trip or afternoon barbecue that summer, fun, 80's feel. Just have your 80's playlist going and your little shindig will get big reviews!


Stacy's Designs 88 said...

OMG, a blast from the past...or the future? Stacy ;)

Verão said...

Blast to the Future!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

That is fantastic. I am pulling out my Members Only jacket and going shopping right now :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .I've made up my mind: I'm gonna buy an MP3 player. I just don't know which one. I like the Ipod batteries, but do I really need something that small?

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