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Sep 19, 2008

Dream Come True!

So I was on my way back from work, tired and spent, when my sister Maya told me that she saw a poster in Clark Quay that The Brand New Heavies will be performing at 9pm. The Brand New Heavies. Just my favorite band. The band whose funky acid jazz music made me buy most of their CDs since 1992. The band I listened to driving to work, on road trips, while running, while editing, making candles etc... Their CDs were one of the first I imported to iTunes and my iPod. And when termites ravaged my whole Heavies CD collection (that whole incident deserves another post another time), I cried. The same band that I said "After I hear them live, I can go ahead and die" (So here I am God, taking back that last statement of mine). There is not one week I don't listen to them. I know most of their music to heart.

Anyway when I heard that they were in town, and about 15 minutes away from home, I knew I just HAD to go. Since my regular date was out of town (that means Pat the hubby- after all I did tell him about BNH and introduce him to my type of music during courtship), I met up with my sister instead to watch the gig. I really think it was a pity how poorly advertised this event was (or I don't know, maybe I live under a rock). I also didn't like how the stage was actually sunken- they performed on the river while everyone was watching from the bars on the riverside.

Anyway, we got to Asylum, since it sort of had a good vantage point of the stage. After consuming some quesadillas, caiprinhas and a Coke Light while 2 other bands played, I was ready to do some grooving!

And then it was time! Whoohoow! Seeing Jan Kincaid (drummer and songwriter), N'dea Davenport (the lead singer), Simon Barthlomew (the lead guitarist), and Andrew Levy (the bombest bass!) was surreal! They played a medley of their instrumentals in the beginning. Then next, N'dea sang "Never Stop", their first song I fell in love with. Somehow I wished she had sang it how it was on record, but hey- I still danced in my chair. And she must have been tired of the original way she sang it so still, it was cool!

The trooper in me had come out and I had to let my sis Maya wait at Asylum while I found my way to the VIP area. True enough, with enough negotiations ( e.g. I've been listening to them for 16 years so I do believe I need to be right there in front of them) with security (and thanks to a nameless guy with a gray hat from production), I got myself right in front of the band I had danced to for almost 2 decades! It was hard to shoot and dance and sing at the same time, but hey, for a few minutes, somehow I did! How I wish they performed more (or I don't know, I could have left too early and they had another set after), but I did manage to take a photo with Simon Bartholomew. I really wanted to have one with the whole band, but I swear security was such a pain.

Here is a video I took with my Canon Ixus 80IS. I just shot the ending of Dream Come True. How apt of a title. It was my dream come true to see them live! And thanks Simon for doing a little interaction (you see it on about 35 seconds through the video)!

And here is the ambush photo op I had with Simon B. Thanks to the stranger who was willing enough to take my picture. I really don't know why Simon posed that way but still, thanks! Now he looks like the fan! I wish I had a photo with the entire band :(

They performed most of the tunes I wanted to hear, and now I am ready to replenish my entire CD collection again. I think their sound totally deserves real, tangible CDs.

The Brand New Heavies- you are so totally the BOMB! I can't wait to watch you live again!


olive said...

very fun, very apt. :) sayasaya!

Verão said...

I agree! It was so much fun. The rushing from home to make it at CQ by 9 was hilarious! Then I realized I didn't need to do that since there were 2 other bands and it wasn't a crowded event :)

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Looks like you had a FUN time! Up close and personal. LoVe it. ;)

sybar said...

WoW I've no idea why I posed like thta either - funny : - ) New Heavies Album conig out soon... and come here too X
Thanks for this great blog : - )

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