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Mar 24, 2009

Honokaa Boy

I spent several summers and Christmases in Japan, so you can imagine how much I love the country. So when I saw the trailer of this film called Honokaa Boy (thanks to Dina!), I got really excited. I hope it reaches Singapore, or at least I hope to get a hold of the subtitled DVD in a few months!

Honokaa Boy is about a young boy, Yoshida, who visits the small town of Honokaa where he becomes the small town theaters' projectionist. It is while he works here where he becomes close to an elderly seamstress named Beatrice Okamoto.

Director Atsushi Sanada makes his feature length directorial debut, while actor Masaki Okada plays his first lead role in a major motion picture.

While googling this film, I stumbled on this entry on The Big Island Video News covering it's premiere.

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