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Apr 4, 2009

Reza in Licorice

Now how classy and sexy does Reza look in licorice? Doesn't she just look luscious?

Taken on one of her trips to Boracay, Reza combined the Josefina top in Licorice, and the Malia Licorice bottom. This combination hasn't really crossed my mind until she bought them! This just goes to show that you can build the best bikini for you.

Check out Reza's Indulgences website! Her stuff are great for all glamazons out there!


Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Wow, your sister looks fab in your swimsuit. This is good advertising. Do you post this link in your FB? YOu have a ton of people always communicating with you on your FB. Ask them to pass along the word of your Etsy shop and your swimsuits. I'll pass this along to my beach going cousins again. Take care!

Verão said...

She's sort of a sister. She's my sisters SIL. What does that make us? And yes she looks fab right? And she's a mom! Thanks for passing along my shop to your beach going cousins!

Natalia Designs said...

Wonderful swimsuits! I'm glad you love my earrings! Thank you!

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