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Apr 16, 2009


I love the music my parents used to listen to. And there are several songs I have multiple covers of in my iTunes list. One of them is Summertime. Although I don't have all the covers of Sunny in my iTunes, this remains to be a classic favorite of mine.

I know I used to hear different versions of it growing up. I even remember the music sheet for our electric organ (it was called Zachary Enchanted... how 70s is that!) my sister used to follow.

Thanks to youtube, I get to listen to that song, again and again and again. I'd like to think I love the song because of the word itself. Sunny. How summers are supposed to be! The when I read about it more, song writer Bobby Hebb wrote it after two devastating events in his life. The assassination of JFK which was immediately followed by the death of his brother the next evening in a knife fight in front of a Nashville Club. Reading on, Sunny actually has hundreds of covers, and is considered by BMI number 25 in the Top 100 songs of the Century.

Let's take a look at a few of my favorite versions.

The groovy Boney M!

By George Kartsonakis. Love how it's so laid back.

Paul Sonneberg. So chill.

Kissmaacsi from Hungary. She has something quirkily sexy about her don't you think?

This other one, an Ukulele version. Really hot! By KenMiddletonUkulele.

I'm saving my best for last though. Jay Kay! Jamiroquai!


kim* said...

hehehe disco is the theme for next weeks american idol :)

B said...

Great collection!

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