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Apr 30, 2009

Kathy Griffin's Bikini Body

The last person I thought who would have a rockin' bikini bod would be Kathy Griffin! Last week, looking at my collection and wondering what other combos would look great, I realized that this combo of Aqua and Leaf would look super. Just like a photo of a palm tree against the blue ocean.

Then a few days later, after surfing some gossip sites (I know I know... I do look into perez' blog sometimes), I saw Kathy Griffin sporting a bikini with the same combination! She's really fit!

I really don't know if I enticed you to buy thhis combo using Kathy Griffin, but hey- she does look great right? Go Kathy!

Click here for the Malia Aqua Top, and here for the Malia Leaf Bikini Bottom :)


Hypnotransformations said...

Wow, good call. She does look great in the combo.
Thanks for visiting my blog today.

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