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Jun 23, 2009

The 6-Minute Bikini Body

Every time someone sees my bikinis but feels they don't have the body for it, I always say "sexy is a state of mind" and that "anyBODY can wear my bikinis". Well you know, I think I am chucking those lines out the window. Time to stop those excuses girls! Finally, get that bikini body! In just 6 minutes a day, you can get yours! Check out this email I got. It's one of the few newsletters I wholeheartedly welcome in my email inbox. From Dr. Al Sears. And when he had the subject of the email as "The 6 Minute Bikini Body", of course it was the first email I had to read! So here I am sharing it to everyone who stumbles on my blog!

The email goes like this. Dr Al Sears, this is my version of forwarding your email :)


Dear Mary (yes that's part of my very Catholic Filipina name... it's in my passport and my IC),

Summer’s here. That means it’s time to roll out your “beach-ready” body for maximum outdoor fun.

If you’re not feeling quite there yet, don’t sweat it. My good friend and PACE® trainer Coach Yari just showed me and my staff a turbo-charged 6-minute workout. It’s awesome. This routine will get your body burning fat like a blowtorch.

It figures Coach Yari would come up with something this simple. She was voted “America’s Next Fitness Phenom of 2008” by Project Breakout.

It’s an “oldie but a goodie.” It’s a basic form of calisthenics soldiers and athletes have been using for years to stay ripped. She calls it the Burpee. It’s also known as the “squat thrust jump.”

The squat thrust jump is super-effective because it targets all muscle groups: Chest, calves, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, arms, back… you name it. Of course, consult with your doctor if you’ve had any injuries before giving it a try.

Here’s Coach Yari demonstrating it herself:

Step 1: Just as the name says, squat!
Step 2: Place your hands on the ground.
Step 3: Thrust your legs back and land in a push-up position.
Step 4: Jump your way back to a squatting position.
Step 5: Jump up with your hands in the air. Beginners, just stand up.
Step 6: Repeat.

As you can see, it’s a simple (but challenging) variation of your basic squat thrust. Start off slow until you can get the hang of it.

Pay close attention to keeping proper form as you do the Burpee—but really give it your all, too (except for the first warm-up set, of course). Your total exertion time should be no longer than 6 minutes, but be sure to allow yourself all the recovery time you need to feel ready for your next set.

Here’s the 4-week schedule Coach Yari recommends for maximum fat-burning power:

Coach Yari has several other 6-minute workouts that you can learn. She’s holding a 3-day Health and Fitness Retreat in Delray Beach, Florida. It runs from July 10-12, 2009. This is an event you won’t want to miss. I’ll be there as both a speaker and a participant. There are only a few slots left, so be sure to sign up today.


I think I'll try this out! To try out her online program, click here.

And to see Dr. Al Sears' website, click here.


mawee said...

After doing six minutes of the burpee, I will want to down a tall glass of slurpee.

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