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Jun 13, 2009

An Afternoon in Arab Street

Just wondering if this works. I cut together a montage of an afternoon the hubby and I had one time. Capped it off with a timelapse shot :)

An Afternoon in Arab Street from Pinky Calica Vierra on Vimeo.


Mica said...

Arab it! A rili rili rab it! LOL

Pinks, very creatively done! It makes me want to check out Arab St. when I'm in Singapore!

manang kepweng said...

I love it, i love it, i love it!

Pinks, as I saw the scenes - the close ups, etc - I saw a flash of your movies to come.

My sister Pinky is my favorite filmmaker, and Pink Lemonade Films is what Flower Films is to Drew B. Bravo!

Verão said...

Manang Kepweng,

Pressure! All I am doing now is shooting and cutting! I need to continue writing!

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