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May 14, 2007

Bossa Hula Nova

I love Hawaiian music, and I love the Bossa Nova. My earliest memories of these kinds of music was when I was about 7 years old. Instead of partying out, my parents partied in! I'd be their DJ for the earlier part of the night and play records by request - Brazil '66, Astrud Gilberto, and Don Ho for their Friday night cocktail parties (apart from Barry White, Willy Bobo and Mel Torme). They would have relatives over (my parents friends were their brothers and sisters!) to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. It's still so clear in my head. The music pleasantly resonating through the house, my glamorous Mom and aunts sipping their margaritas on our mod striped orange and fuschia upholstered chairs, and laughter filling the house after my Dad cracks a joke or two. After saying good night to the guests to prepare for my bedtime, I'd climb up the stairs, leading to my bedroom. Making sure no one was watching, I would do my version of the samba or the hula to whatever music was playing.

Twenty plus years later, preparing to get married to my local Hawaiian fiance, you could just imagine the thrill I experienced discovering this wonderful mix of Hawaii and Brazil music Bossa Hula Nova by Lisa Ono. Think Hawaiian music with a Bossa twist. Smooth and easy listening- perfect for that sunset at the beach while sipping your margarita.

Play this video and listen to one of my favourite tracks, Manoa. Soothing, light, and just simply great to chill to.

Track listing:

1. Swing Time in Honolulu /No Ceu AzuL De Honolulu
2. Nani Wai 'Ale 'Ale
3. Blue Hawaii
4. Manoa
5. Mauna Loa
6. Hawaiian Vamp / Nova Hula
7. E Assim
8. Beyond The Reef
9. Poliahu
10. Kaimana Hila
11. Flor De Yamanja
12. Sway it, Hula Girl
13. Aloha 'Oe

I love the whole idea of fusion!

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