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May 30, 2007

Congratulations, Talita and Renata!

I was never a volleyball fan. Maybe because I sucked at the sport (I almost failed my Phys Ed class when I was a college freshman because I could never get the ball over the net). Over the weekend however, I instantly became a beach volleyball fan. At the Swatch FIVB World Tour 2007 in Sentosa, my husband and I got to revel in the celebration of the sport. We got to watch world-class teams compete with each other. Italy vs Cuba, Norway VS Australia, Brazil VS China... phew! Too much to mention! The energy, spirit, and all those bikini bodies! I wanted to give each player my Verao bikinis! Particularly my newest idol, Talita Antunes!

After a quick chat with her, I found out she maintains her bikini body by working out 2 hours in the gym in the morning, and 2 hours of volleyball drills in the afternoon. And this is Monday to Saturday! And having been to over 20 beaches from all over the world, when I asked what beach stood out from all of them, she mentioned one of them to be Bali (where she and her partner Renata Ribeiro won World Tour 2005). She even got to play by the Eifel Tower! Just last Sunday, she and partner Renata Ribeiro won the top prize in the Singapore leg of the Swatch FIVB World Tour 2007 ! Congratulations!

Next stop for the Renata-Talita tandem, Swatch FIVB World Tour 2007 in Korea! They already won the match against Netherlands, Labee-de Vries (finishing the game in 37 minutes and winning both sets). And today at 3:40 pm Korea time, they will play against Barnett-Cook of Australia! Go get 'em Talita and Renata!

For more pictures of Talita and Renata, click on my husbands site, alohawerkz and select the Pro Beach Volleyball pictures at the left.

All this Brazilian spirit made me want to get a drink! Check out my other post on the Caipirinha.


devonaz said...

You are lucky,, you just love making me more and more jealous,,I love beach volleyball,,I grew up in Southern California 40 minutes from the beach and anytime I was there I would sit and watch them play,,,Yes I think she would look very good in one of your bikinis,,,well try and not have to much fun,,,take care...

mcsister said...

Do they eat anything they want and still look like that? And are they teams of two?

Verão said...

I guess with their rigorous workout, they can eat what they want! They are in teams of two. They're galing! They look so feminine and strong at the same time. I like like that. Although I know I will be blinking 100X per minute the moment the ball comes to me...

Leni C. Llapitan said...

Hi! I'm glad to see another fan of Talita! Check out her website (I'm the webmaster... :)

By the way I was in Sentosa too for the tour.


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