The Laziest Diet... EVER!

May 27, 2007


I've had a long week (I think it was over a week!) of working nights in my official job and I felt I needed a mini break. So I headed to the nearest beach from where I live, Siloso beach at Sentosa. There was the Swatch FIVB World Tour 2007 going on (now that's for another entry), so I thought it would be sweet if I checked out beach volleyball. After watching a few matches, I decided to stop by Cafe Del Mar to get my fave cocktail of all time- Brazil's national drink, the Caipirinha.

CooI. I lay on one of the canopied beds, listened to some Brazilian jazz and electronica,the type of music Cafe Del Mar is famous for, and ate nachos dipped in guacamole. Now this is relaxation. Since we have a semi-industrial blender at home, I thought that my hubs and I should start making our own Caiprinhas just to kick back and relax. He was once a bartender eons ago (in a bar called Nashville Waikiki!), so he supplied me with the recipe. Here goes.

Caipirinha (pronounced as ky-pee-reen-ya)

1 lime, quartered
2 tsp fine sugar
2 oz cachaca (pronounced as ka-sha-sa)

1) Before slicing the lime, roll it against the chopping board heavily with your palm. This way you can get more juice out of it.
2) Put the sliced lime and sugar into a short, fat glass, also known as an "old fashioned glass".
3) Lightly press the lime and sugar with a wooden pestle.
4) Fill the glass with ice cubes or crushed ice (I prefer crushed ice).
5) Pour in the cachaca.
6) Stir well
7) Yum!

I think I lay there for over an hour, munching, sipping, people watching, slightly buzzing. The funniest part was it was only 4pm. I don't like going to clubs anymore, so I thought this was a good way to visit one without the crowd. Here are more pictures of Cafe Del Mar. If I'm in a tanning and chillaxing mood, I would come back here.

In the mean time, get these ingredients so you can enjoy your very own summer cocktail, Cheers!


devonaz said...

I am so jealous,,,and I will try the drink,,,I love the suits but after having 4 kids I wish I could get into a bikini again,,I do have a daughter and soon to be daughter in law so I will show them the suits..keep up the beautiful work and keep me posted on your relaxing summer...

Expressyourself said...

I love you Blogger.Very good work!

Verão said...

Thanks Devonaz and Natalia! Go try the cocktail. We all need to take a break once in a while!

mcsister said...

Wow, great photographs. I've never been to Cafe del Mar, but after your post, I want to go!

Is it owned by Marissa? :)

Verão said...

I think so. But I didn't order the drink C-88. Was that her commercial????

mcsister said...

hahahah! yes. Celebrate with c-88... i can still see her posing on the couch as a photographer shot her photo...

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