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May 18, 2007

The Josefina

Introducing my maiden design... The Josefina.

In espresso and azure, this is one of my favorite colour combinations. The halter top and low-cut bikini bottom automatically sexifies and flatters every body type- especially the fuller, more voluptuous woman.

Check out my store, or just click any of my items at the right! Get that Verao bikini for your next beach or resort holiday. Happy shopping!

Aloha and Obrigado!


writerinresidence said...

As one of those fuller, more voluptuous woman, I truly love my new espresso and azure bikini - thanks for offering me the option of a large bottom and an extra large top! Tried it on -- lovvvvvvvvved it - and am now buying the licorice one! You should have licorice and azure - by the way...

Another request: crocheted summer beach cover-ups in white and red...puhleese...but don't make it tenty...make it fitted...!!

Jiki said...

i love your site, pinks! I have a my verao which i used in Australia ;p

Verão said...

Hi Noelle! I am seriously thinking of cover ups! Thanks Jiki!! I'm glad you were able to swim with it in Australia!

Expressyourself said...

I love you page!

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute! If I get a new suit this year it will be one of these!

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