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Jun 17, 2007

How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag

All those years obsessing about summer vacation and quick beach getaways has honed my skills in packing the perfect beach bag. I've had my share of experiences! There were those times when I finally parked myself on the best spot on the beach, only to realize I forgot something in the car or the hotel room. Aaargh! Those days are finally over! Check out my list!

1) The Beach Bag. I prefer big canvas totes. And they don't have to be expensive. Canvas totes are perfect because not only are they spacious, but they're very low maintenance. You can just throw them in the washing machine to launder. The Beach Tote Bag pictured above would be a good buy. Or, check out my fellow etsyan's Floral Reversible Beach Tote at only $10! (Devon if no one is getting it... I will!)

2) Sunscreen. I'm trying to go organic so now I use Aubrey Natural Sun Unscented SPF 20 Sunscreen. I think I'd also like to try Alba Hawaiian Green Tea SPF 30+ Sunscreen next time.

3) Bottled water and fruit. Keep yourself hydrated! Water is still better than any other juice or soda. And instead of messy chips, munch on a healthy apple when you get hungry!

4) Book or magazine. Sometimes it's better to visit a 2nd hand bookstore before your trip and buy a book you feel you won't feel bad if it gets soiled with sunblock or falls in the ocean. Or, you can try something new and get The Beach Book, a water-proof book published by Durabooks.

5) iPod or MP3 player. Make sure your iPod is in a protective case, or a water-proof case!

6) Sunglasses. Don't bother with expensive designer sunglasses. Your sunglasses can get scratched or lost along the way, so better yet, get a cheap one. I think these Jackie O sunglasses are stylish and affordable! Only US$9!

7) Swimsuit. Check out my crochet bikinis! After swimming in them, make sure you have a Ziploc bag to put it in. Or if you want to feel a bit more luxurious, put it in a Wet Bikini Bag.

8) Beach Mat or Sarong. Since I try to avoid carrying a heavy and oversized beach towel, I use a Beach Mat or sarong to lie on the beach. Getting the sand out is a breeze.

9) Towel. Just big enough to wipe yourself with- a hand towel to be exact.

10) Hat. Protect your face from the sun! The hat in the picture is from

11) Goggles. If you want to go do some serious swimming, packing the Speedo Women's Vanquisher goggles might be a good idea.

12) Say Cheese! If you're a shutterbug, bring your camera but make sure it's in a water-proof encasing! Or, you can just get the Kodak MAX Water & Sport Single Use Camera.

13) Don't forget your wallet! I usually slip it in a sandwich size Ziploc if I feel extra cautious.

It was funny though, I remember taking my perfect beach bag with me when I was visited my then boyfriend (now husband) in Hawaii. We were going beach hopping around the island and despite the sleekness of my packing, he laughed hard when he saw my bag. "You don't need all that!" he said. All he took was a towel! And when we swam, he stuck his flip flops in a coconut tree!


Elizabeth said...

Nice blog!!! I wish I lived closer to the beach!
I have some nice Bath Products for AFTER the beach!

Verão said...

Thanks elizabeth! Click here to check out her store!

Steph said...

Great looking blog!

This necklace, worn long or short, would look sexy with a bathing suit:

bamabelle said...

Well, when we go to the beach, we usually go by boat, so mine is called a "Boat bag". It is a big huge waterproof bag with 4 mesh outside pockets.
We take a cooler for our drinks , but snacks like Pringles go into the bag. Any snack in those cans that we can put the lid back on.
I also pack sunscreen , and a big can of Afrosheen (WONDERFUL for tanning)for those who already have their tan and want to moisturize and deepen it. It smells divine!
In my side pockets, for easy access, goes my lip balm with sunscreen. I'm a maniac for lipbalm.
I carry a waterproof wallet inside, with my boat license.And deo.... I have a phobia of sweaty pits and like to sneakily apply it after a couple of hours.
Since we are in the boat all day , I'll pack toilet paper in a plastic bag (hey, sometimes you have to make a dash for the woods), ibuprofin,and hair conditioner and a comb.I second the cheap sunglasses, my vintage Jackie ones got lost in the lake. they were FORTY YEARS OLD, DUDE!
IF a 2 piece bikini (lovely as they are) is not your thang, I have 2 HOT vintage one piece swimsuits listed.
Vintage MOD 60's swimsuit :
vintage swimsuit bathing suit cotton 16 NAVY DAISIES,
A cool terry coverup:
and the cutest girls swimsuit pattern, vintage 70s!
I also have bath & body for APres' beach, see my store , the Oak Meadow Organics section, at
And BLOG ME ! IT's .
LOVE this blog, VErao! (even if I couldn't get the HTML codes for clickable words to work for me???)

mcsister said...

Hahahah, I love how Pat stuck his tsinelas in the coconut tree.

Verão said...

Bamabelle- lip balm! yes that's something else!I'm going to check out your vintage swimsuits...

Ate Mays- yep! Stuck it in a coconut tree, but when he started to ask for water, then I realized bringing my bag was still worth it...

KreatedbyKarina said...

My jeweled foot sandals would be perfect for a day on the beach--or a wedding at the beach!

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