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Jun 23, 2007

My Favorite Magazine

If there's a magazine I cannot give or throw away, it would say it's Coastal Living Magazine. Just seeing the cover is enough for me to grab a magazine at the bookstore. As you all know by now I just love summer and island style of ANYTHING. Homes, food and travel- and this magazine just transports me to that state of summer-high. It helps me get hungry for that dream to build a beach house. It makes me head to the kitchen to try a new recipe. It relaxes me at the end of an intense day at work.

If you're a summer nut just like me, Coastal Living will surely make you go nuttier for that coastal or island summer lifestyle. Check out their website at for fresh ideas for your home, food and vacations., Inc.


devonaz said...

Verao,,boy do we have more stuff in common,,with me working at a bookstore I get a discount and when the new issure of this comes out it is mine,,I just sit there and dream of the places,,and houses,,,good choice,,

Verão said...

I really really love this magazine!! I never let anyone borrow this. I can't even throw it away!

Gayle said...

Thanks for the kudos and link to! We are pleased to share our love of the coast with our readers in print and online.

It is the subject matter that makes my job great! The only hazard is daydreaming about the beach.

Online Editor

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