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Jun 16, 2007

Sneak Peek!

I'm still taking pictures of my new collection, but here's a sneak peek!

Introducing, the Malia! My version of the string bikini. Seemingly baring and daring, the Malia bikini bottom actually gives your tush full coverage while it still flatters your shape with it being a low-rise hipster. It is accented with a thin crochet belt. The top, though straps are "string", gives your breasts a nice comfortable coverage without being too skimpy.

And the best part? You are given the chance to BYOB- Build Your Own Bikini! With BYOB, you can buy your size and color of choice per piece! You can buy a small vanilla top, match it with a medium baby pink bottom, and vanilla belt! Or just like the photo below!

Soon, the Malia will be in my store! Watch this space!


devonaz said...

I love it,,,I am going to show my daughter these,,,see what she thinks,,thanks for the sneak peak,,,

mcsister said...

Pinks I want to order one of these :)

Expressyourself said...

Very nice bikini

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