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Aug 20, 2008

Capiccinini Floor Lamp

I love Ikea. And I love the prices there more! However, some Ikea furniture can be so cheap that a minor home mishap can render the piece of furniture useless. Well, almost useless.

A few weeks ago, when a strong gust of wind went through the house (I love opening all the windows!), our famous Ikea Skylar floor lamp (which I think every house in Singapore has) toppled over and the lamp shade ripped. I was thinking of going all Martha Stewart and buying craft paper and totally creating a new lamp shade, when I realized I had something much better! And easier.

Last year, on one of my regular trips to the Philippines, I bought a Capiz shell lantern hoping that Pat can help me make it into a mini chandeleir...

Obviously that didn't happen. It was kept in storage for a year!

Then thanks to the wind- the torn lampshade, and my hoarding tendencies, I gave birth to my very own Capiccinini Lamp. I'm naming it Capiccinini from Capiz and Piccinini. Capiz, obviously Capiz shells, and Piccinini, the Italian female volleyball player in this years Olympics. I watched the game of US vs Italy last night and the announcer just kept saying her name so it stuck!

Here is the picture of the buss up lamp shade:

How I wish I had a photo of the old Skylar.

Anyway, here is my creation. Capiccinini!

Yes you see that lone bulb naked and sticking out. Haha. I'll work on that :) I'm in the Domino mood!


Stacy's Designs 88 said...

I LoVe these Capiz lamps. I always wanted a chandelier made of this. Your lamp look so West Elm. Fab! Great rehab of your Ikea lamp. ;) Stacy

Verão said...

I really love anything beachy! Thanks for the comment! At least it's out of the closet and right out in the living room!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Great job in reusing items you already had lying around to take an unfortunate situation and turn it into a work of beautiful art!

ipsy said...

ganda! :-)

Verão said...

Thanks Itsy and Jen! I love these little projects!

jenny said...


your capicinini turned out really nice. I can't even see the light bulb you mentioned.

now i'm curious and want to see what a skylar lamp looks like

Verão said...

I really wish I took a pic of it before I worked on it. The lamp shade was just a a cylinder of paper. Very very simple. And very very common. Almost all the houses I visit here in Sing had it!

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alice said...

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aldrin james said...

That is a very unique lamp. This is my first time to see a lamp with that kind of design. I wish I can find lamps like that in our place.

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