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Jul 1, 2009

Valerie Bertinelli Bikini Cover Shoot

Everyone knows Valerie Bertinelli as that pretty teen from One Day at a Time. To me, she was that lucky magazine heiress Maxi Amberville in the Judith Krantz novel turned TV Mini Series I'll Take Manhattan. Why do I say lucky? Because her love interest was one of 1987's hottest actors, Jack Scalia! Ok ok, I can hear everyone laugh now.

So when I saw her in USC shooting a TV movie (I think it was Murder of Innocence) sometime in the 90's when I was studying a summer film course, I was thrilled! She was shooting a scene in our apartment building (I think it was called Webb Tower). I was too shy to have a photo taken with her.

We all know that years later, Valerie Bertinelli gained a few pounds, and although she kept her youthful features, everyone noticed her weight.

Then last April, she managed to be the cover of People Magazine to show off her rockin' bikini body! Imagine that? At 49! Thanks to Jenny Craig!

What a body! And from the latest news, what a gal! She actually attended Eddie Van Halen's wedding! I'm sure Valerie would look great in any of my bikinis!


Mica said...

The Valerie Bertinelli bikini cover shoot was just recent? wow, she looks great! Wholesome yet sexy! That's always been her isn't it?

How inspiring! Now to try that 6 minute bikini work out...

Verão said...

It was just last April! I like her look. Wholesome! I don't think she can every look cheap or slutty.

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