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Jul 1, 2009

Kate Gosselin and her Bikini Body

I wonder how Kate Gosselin would look in any of my bikinis? After all, she's been recently spotted wearing bikinis walking out of her house! And with her bikini body, I'm sure my bikinis would look great on her! Or even her little girls! Ok ok... I can hear all your arrghs of disgust!

The first time I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8, I was so at awe. My sister from Manila was visiting then. She wondered out loud if they would ever separate. I told her, that for sure, as parents of 8, you will never ever divorce because you won't have time to fight. All you do is take care of your kids. My. Now that was such a wroonnnng answer. Oh well.

For her body type, I think she would look great in one of my Josefina's. Check out Kate Gosselin's Bikini Body!

Image care of CelebGossipz.


olive said...

ok pinky winks, i am finally worked up. lol. aambitionin ko to get that bikini bod back. got my derma workin on these pesky stretch marks now. thank you for your inspiring posts.

Verão said...

I am actually trying to inspire myself. LOL. But imagine this woman had 8 kids? Well, I'm sure as a reality star, she can find the time to workout because she does have nannies.

5star said...

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