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Jul 5, 2009

Thriller By Jake Shimabukuro

Still in a Michael Jackson mood, I was wondering if Ukulele virtuoso of Hawaii Jake Shimabukuro ever played anything by the King of Pop. True enough, thanks to google, he did! Check it out.

We were supposed to catch Jake play live back in 2002, but we arrived too late for his performance. Nevertheless, I watched his concert on DVD and it was awesome. I know I love the traditional sound of the Uke, but Jake cranks it up by giving Thriller, or any other song for that matter, a unique, jazzy spin.

For more on Jake Shimabukuro, click here.


Mica said...

Listening to Jake's interpretation of Michael Jackson's Thriller! Totally fresh played on a ukulele!

Do you play the ukulele na?

Verão said...

Aside from Ain't she sweet, I know some Honey Baby!

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