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Jul 9, 2009

The Best Summer Movie?

What else is great about summer other than the beach and bikinis? The summer movie releases of course! And it's sci-fi movie galore! There's Transformers, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, X-Men: Wolverine, and District 9. Wha-hat? Say it again? Have you heard of District 9?

Seems that this upcoming summer movie is currently flying under the radar. Check out their ultra cool trailer:

Produced by Peter Jackson and directed by South African film maker Neill Blomkamp, this film, despite it's complex visual effects, doesn't seem like your run-of-the-mill sci-fi flick. Set sometime in the future in Johannesburg, South Africa, the film is about humans AND aliens living together... kind of. The aliens are actually forced to live in slum-like conditions and in a government designated area. And, this has been how life has been for 28 loooong years. Now that's my kind of sci-fi flick! I can certainly feel that this film could be a winner!

A short film and advertisement director, looks like Neill Blomkamp is a talent to keep your eye on! Here's Alive in Joburg, the short film that District 9 was based on.

Check out District 9's fun website right here. You'll have a blast navigating it! I did! Can't wait for August 14!

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