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Aug 22, 2009

Pat's Luau Potato Salad

This dish is simply perfect for hot summer days!

I always joke that it was this recipe that made me accept my husband's proposal. He visited our family one Christmas and then volunteered to make potato salad for Christmas Dinner. It has been a staple in all family reunions ever since.

I'm not a big fan of too many ingredients in potato salad, like carrots, peas or pineapples, so that's why for me, it is the best potato salad I have ever tasted. Even friends love this dish! I call it the Heavenly Potato Salad, but being his usual humble self, Pat decided to simply call it Luau Potato Salad.

Introducing, episode 1 of Easy Hawaiian Cooking, produced and directed by... me! Starring, Pat the hubby!

To all my media pro friends, I do know what needs to improve (haha), so just enjoy the recipe... and the wonderful capabilities of Canon 500D and its lenses! You'll definitely get a better episode 2 soon!

And if you get to lazy to make this (it does take a lot of time!) and if you are in the Singapore area, you may just get to order your own Luau Potato Salad. Watch this space!


Mica said...

I enjoyed the luau potato salad episode! So that's how it's done - I think I'll do this on our next meet up with relatives!

Anonymous said...


May I know what colour you use to paint your house? Brand? and colour code?


p/s: your house is beautiful

Anonymous said...

from me earlier, for your reference. I like the yellow colour. But i didnt know which type of yellow, brand of paint, and code of th colour

Verão said...

Hi Anon!

Well I am very flattered you like our home :) As for the color of the paint, I really don't remember the code! But we used Nippon Paint. And I was always attracted to yellow walls. Why don't you try screen capturing the youtube video and showing it to the paint store?

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