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Aug 1, 2009

Mello Yellow

I'm in another Etsy Treasury again! I am so honored! Thanks to the Aunt Bucky! Click on Mello Yellow to check out all the mellow and yellow etsy goodies! I am so happy my Malia Sunshine Bikini Top made it to that treasury! Check out the screen cap!

Aunt Bucky is a lovely store that creates and sells gorgeous baby beddings, apparel and decor. If they didn't put me in her treasury, I wouldn't have ever seen their store! I say "they" because Aunt Bucky is a partnership between 2 sisters, Rebecca & Whitney Wyatt. And as kismet would have it, in their collection, they have beddings called The Pinky Panda set, and the Pinky Pillow! Love it! Check out Aunt Bucky's etsy store!

1 comment:

Lily Poppet said...

Isn't yellow lovely for summer? Your top is the best featured item in my humble opinions :)

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