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Aug 4, 2008

Hawaii in Manila

Two weeks ago, Pat and I jetted back to my home in Manila to visit family and get some business going. It was great hanging out with Mommy again! And it was even better timing that my sister Rissa was going to have a party to celebrate her birthday on the weekend!

One breakfast morning, Rissa and her hubby Jimmy, were discussing the possible themes (like 4 days before the party!) And whaddya know- in between my first bite of Spam (haha yes I love that canned meat!), and my last gulp of iced coffee (with stevia and not sugar... like it really makes a difference after having Spam and rice for brekki), they came up with- Hawaiian theme! It was the easiest theme so far since Jimmy's bro has a catering business that had Hawaiian themed food, and well, my trusty iPod has exactly 181 local Hawaiian tunes perfect for the event (thanks to my very local island boy Pat)! Michi my sister provided all the leis, since she recently opened her floral arrangement business, and well, all our dresses were care of her! Even Maya, who wasn't supposed to be in Manila that time decided to jet over and surprise everyone!

Check out the tables:
Fuchsia table cloth, a platter of tropical fruits as centerpiece, and tiffany chairs... Can I just toot my own horn here- but these table cloths were from our wedding 4 years ago! Still perfect for that tropical feel...

Some pok'e as appetizer,

Lomi-Lomi Salmon anyone?

Of course, we had Lechon, the Filipino version of Kahlua Pork, and a bunch of other food too many to name!

Here is a photo of my sisters and I. From L-R Sitting, Me, Rissa the celebrant, and Maya- my other Sing based sis. The 2 standing, L-R is Michi and Marie. Too bad Mica and Rina weren't here. And yes I have 6 sisters.

Before I splatter too many photos on this post, I think the easiest thing for me to do is post the youtube video Pat made from all his pics. How convenient, he dropped himself out of the video.

Enjoy! I love this song. Ooh La la Pure Aloha by Hawaiian Homeboy, Marty Dread and Bu La'ia- this local comedian who by the way I was so disgusted with the first time I watched him. Then after a few skits, he kinda grew on me. I think he deserves a whole new post another time. By the way- my MiniPod widget is probably still playing some music now. Just pause it and play this video :)


Chucka Stone Designs said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun & definitely yummy food! Must have been nice to see your family :)

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Thank God you started posting more blogettes! And this one is so much Fun! Thanks for sharing your Fab Hawaiian style party. Your party looks so spectacular...the flowers, leis, terrific looking food, roasted pig too boot! ;) Stacy

Verão said...

Ohh the party was just great! Especially with family! Everything tasted yum! Ofcourse you get to taste all the authentic stuff over there :)

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