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Aug 16, 2008

Geri Halliwell, the Best Bikini Body!

Hands down. In my books, Geri Halliwell has the best bikini body. What I could remember about her as Ginger Spice in the 90's was that she was chunkier than the rest of the group (and Baby Spice well- still had baby fat).

When she left the group and started going on her own, I noticed she was beginning to trim down. Then when her video Mi Chico Latino was released, I knew then that she had to be my bikini body idol.

Ever since then, she was my thinspiration when it came to firming up for the summer. Well, I did use Kylie Minogue also as my inspiration one time, but then I realized it was better to visualize someone who has somewhat the same kind of body type as you.

I've seen a few photos of Geri again recently. Ok, so I googled her and I've seen really great paparazzi pics of her.

I am so willing to give Geri any of my Verao bikini's. If you're reading this Geri, please do contact moi! LOL! I hope the paparazzi can take a great picture of you in any of my creations!


olive said...

hahahha...i remember your alter ego, pinky kylie-ca.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Wow, she's totally slimmed down! What an inspiration. That's a HUGE difference than how she was before. I'm going to start really working out since I've turned into a Hawaiian slugette. ;) Stacy

Verão said...

Olive! Those were the days!!! But hey it worked. Now it's Project: Geri!!

Verão said...

Stacy- I am sure she had the time and money to get that body, but hey. I'm sure we can do that too!

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